Accommodation in Algiers

Accommodation in Algiers
Updated 2015-04-15 07:34

Are you moving to Algiers? Find out, in this article, how to proceed to find affordable accommodation there.

Algiers, the Algerian capital city, is the country's key destination in terms of expatriation. Apart from the numerous career prospects it offers, it also provides a range of accommodation options for foreigners wishing to settle there. However, you are advised to inquire on the types of housing units available in the surroundings, taking into account the best area for you and your family, as well as rent prices. In fact, rent prices are quite high in the most popular neighborhoods.


Over the years, many foreigners have settled in the following neighborhoods for instance: Hydra, El Biar, Val d'Hydra Poirson, Ben Aknoun, Dely Ibrahim, Cheraga, Telemly, the Gulf (El Mouradia) Bir Mourad Rais and Birkhadem. In El Biar, however, you are likely to come across constant traffic jam, particularly due to the presence of many foreign embassies.

Hydra, for its part, hosts many corporate head offices, as well as foreign nursery schools, kindergartens and many shops. This neighborhood is deemed to be very practical for foreigners.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Algiers are very high and vary according to the type and size of the housing unit, along with the comfort level. Hence, you will need up to 200,000 dinars per month for a 90 m2 housing unit in Hydra. In Dely Ibrahim, on the other hand, a 100 m2 housing unit can cost some 150,000 dinars per month. However, this neighborhood is not very popular with foreigners due to heavy traffic jam. You can also rent an apartment of the same size for less than 40,000 dinars there.

Good to know:

Most Algiers owners will claim the payment of an advance which is equal to a year's rent. While some are not very keen to negotiate, others may grant you additional time or set a payment schedule for the settlement of these fees.


Water supply cuts are quite frequent in Algiers. Therefore, you are advised to inquire whether the housing unit is equipped with a water tank so as to ensure the supply. You should also verify the electrical outlets for security reasons, as well as the heater.

Find accommodation

During your accommodation search in Algiers, feel free to check real estate websites and classified ads in local newspapers. You can even register with a real estate agency so as to find accommodation according to your criteria more rapidly. However, agency fees apply.

Finally, word of mouth can be a useful search tool if you have friends or contacts in the country.

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