Leisure in Algiers

Leisure in Algiers
Updated 2015-04-15 07:26

Wondering what to do during your leisure time in Algiers? Find out in this article.

Algiers, which is Algeria's capital city, is divided into two parts, the modern city and the ancient city. You will be able to discover both sides during your free time if you are moving there. In fact, you are likely to discover and enjoy two contrasting aspects of this city thanks to its architecture and places of interest. Indeed, Algiers holds a rich historical and cultural heritage along with a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Algiers is a very lively and dynamic city: you will surely find what you are looking for!

Places of interest

During your stay in Algiers, you should definitely not miss the Basilica of Our Lady of Africa, also known as Lella Myrian. It was built in Z'Ghara, in West Algiers, and was built by the French architect Jean Eugène Fromageau. The Basilica is famous for its size and splendid architecture. It is generally open from 11am to 12.30 pm and from 3 pm to 5.30 pm.

Casbah is an ancient citadel which was built on a hill. It is divided into two levels, high Casbah and low Casbah. The higher level consists of buildings and mosques. You would also like to visit the Grande Poste which has a magnificent and unique oriental style architecture.

Tthe Jardin d'Essai, located in Hamma, hosts more than 3,000 plant species. Built in the heart of Algiers, this garden is deemed to be one of the finest green spaces, bringing out the contrast between ancient and modern Algiers. Since 2011, the garden can be reached by subway.

Bars and hotels

Foreigners who like to party can choose from various hotels and bars such as George Bar, Underground Casif, etc. You can hang out with your friends there, and even meet new people.


You can check out the various cultural and religious events held in Algiers on Internet thanks to numerous forums and blogs, etc., as well as on the radio, television, and in local newspapers.

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