Best restaurant in Algiers


Could anyone give me some tips for the BEST restaurants in Algiers.. Tradidional and modern cuisine?


Bonjour,il ya beaucoup de restaurants a Alger. el biar,les sources bir mandreis, hussein dey  etc.


As this is the anglophone forum could you please post in English?


There is an AMAZING Indian Food restaurant located in the Embassies district of Algiers....if I could only remember the name.  Upscale, reasonably priced, DELICIOUS food.

Hotel El-Djazair restaurant serve the traditional Algerian food. Price maybe a bit expensive but worth to try.


There is loads of nice restaurants in Algiers, in fact if there something you will never be short of, it's food :)
Here is a link with the main ones, my favourites are Le Tantra a bit expensive, and le Bearnais , not listed here , I will try to find the details and post ASAP … rants.html

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Here is another link with a much more complete list. … vince.html

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Hope this link will help:

My favourite restaurant is a small seafood place in the centre of Algiers called Mer Mediterannienne located on 01,Rue Akli have to go before Dhur( around 1pm,everything does sell quickly and not expensive...I recommend it to all my ex-pat friends...

Tradational Indian is Maharaja and Taj Mahal.............

its called Taj Mahel:)

Khaled..there are 2 Indian is Maharajah and the other one Taj Mahal..

Messina pizzeria in Hydra is really good...or a fab pizzeria in Stauoli that has BBQ chicken on cheesy pizza!!!