Nite life

Is there any place in Sidi Yaya to go out for a drink at nite, i am not talking about juice or soft drinks, Beer or wine???

i think that there is no place to drink beer or wine :(

it is not recommendable to spend nights outside drinking  , i do not want to sound like a total jerk but it is too dangerous specially for foreigns people who are always seem to be like an easy target for gangs and thieves  ,
i wish i could help more
Best of Luck

Terek, after living 30 yrs in the Philippines and the poverty and total lack of police i pretty well know what a bad situation looks like and a bad area and place to be.. Thanks for you kind reply..

no problem at all , i wish you have a great time in  staying and enjoying Algeria
Best of Luck
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You can go to the Hotel el djazair or El aurassi Hotel to have drinks. They have nite clubs as well if you want to party and drink.  Also at Sofitel
Otherwise there are a few restaurant in wich you can drink beer or wine try one of theses :
Le tyrollien ( alger centre)
Le granada ( alger centre)
L'universitee ( alger centre)
There is one also one restaurant at sahraouis urba 2000 residence i forgot the name