Accommodation in Constantine

Accommodation in Constantine
Updated 2015-04-15 08:06

Constantine provides a range of accommodation options for foreigners. Find out more on this article.

Constantine is a very pleasant city for foreigners wishing to settle in Algeria. It is one of the country's biggest and most prosperous cities, providing various career prospects. Moreover, unlike other cities, housing offers are more numerous. Hence, you will not have much trouble in finding accommodation according to your preferences and budget. You can choose from a range of apartments and houses whereby you will be able to negotiate conditions as well as rent prices.


Life in Constantine is a balance between fashion and comfort. The city consists of different neighborhoods. Each one is distinguished by the type of accommodation which is available there. Therefore, in some regions you are more likely to find State housing projects while in others you will find huge modern and luxurious villas. You will also find poor neighborhoods and slums in the city's outskirts. This is why you are advised to inquire on the different neighborhoods before determining where you would prefer to settle.

The metropolitan area, for its part, includes two other important cities, as well as satellite towns which are deemed to be regional and national economic hubs. These include a large industrial area and a large market.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Constantine are relatively low compared to other cities. For instance, you will need a maximum of 50,000 dinars per month for a furnished accommodation which is large enough to accommodate a family consisting of five members. Moreover, rent prices can be negotiated with owners due to the low demand of housing in the region.

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You are however advised to be reasonable during rent price negotiations as these take into account the number of rooms, the comfort level, etc.

Find accommodation

One of the first things to do during your accommodation search will be to browse offers on the Internet. In fact, housing offers in Constantine are often advertised on general and specialized housing websites. You can as well check out expatriate forums and social networks so as to have a better idea of rent prices, neighborhoods, etc. Make sure that schools, hospitals and other amenities are close by. You can also register with a real estate agency which will help you find accommodation according to your criteria more rapidly.

Finally, word of mouth can help if you have friends or contacts in Constantine. They may share useful addresses and tips with you.

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