Study in Algeria

Study in Algeria
Updated 2015-04-13 12:06

Do you wish to study further in Algeria? Find out in this article how to proceed with registration formalities and to obtain a visa.

For many years, Algeria has been attracting foreign students wishing to follow their higher studies there. In fact, the country hosts many universities, as well as other colleges and higher education institutions offering various courses. Among these, the Universities of Algiers, Oran and Mentouri which are the most popular ones, especially in terms of hospitality and climate adaptation.

The University of Algiers, founded in 1879, is the country's oldest university and also with the highest enrollment rate. It offers law, literature, medicine and science programs.

Higher education system

Algeria's higher education system consists of 48 universities (one for each region), 10 university centers, 20 national schools, 7 higher normal schools, 12 preparatory schools, 4 integrated preparatory classes and four annexes. Thus, the whole country is covered. As regards foreign students, most of them are enrolled in public universities.


Foreign students wishing to study in Algeria are required to obtain an equivalence of their qualifications issued by the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The request can be made on the ministry's website.

Once you have obtained these documents, you will have to produce these, along with your original diplomas and other certificates to the university's administration department. Note that these documents must have been authenticated by the issuing institution and by the Algerian diplomatic representation in your home country.


University registration generally consists of three steps. In the first instance, you have to pre-register online on pre-registration websites. Thereafter, you can choose among the ten top universities or higher education institutions provided. Note that you will be requested to specify your baccalaureate or equivalent, as well as your results and the place where your degree or diploma has been issued. Moreover, the equivalence system as established by the Ministry of Higher Education's Equivalence Commission will determine the year during which you can enroll and what you will be eligible to.

Secondly, the national computerized processing service will make a first selection regarding the students selection. In fact, you will be offered a particular training or assignment. Thereafter, you will have to call at the indicated institution to fill your application form, settle administrative fees and obtain relative receipts. You will then be informed on the curriculum which has been attributed to you. Note that you also have to provide your original diplomas or certificates, your assignment sheet, your birth certificate, two stamped envelopes bearing your address, as well as three passport-size photos and a fact sheet provided by the university for the final registration formalities.

In case the conditions do not suit you, you can still make an online appeal. The latter will be treated according to academic regulations during the current academic year and according to other universities' enrollment capacities.

Student visa

Finally, you will have to obtain a student visa to be able to stay and study in Algeria. You can apply for this visa requesting for a registration or enrollment certificate from your university. You also have to produce proof of sufficient funds to cover your expanses during your stay in the country.

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