Phones and Internet in Algeria

Phones and Internet in Algeria
Updated 2015-04-13 12:30

How to obtain a land line in Algeria? What about Internet? Find out more about the Algerian telecommunications network in this article.

Nowadays, communication is undeniably an essential part of any expatriation project. So if you are moving to Algeria, you will probably need a phone so as to get in touch with your friends and relatives abroad, and Internet not only to perform researches but also for leisure. This should not be complicated as the country has a developed telecommunications network covering most regions. Although Algeria Telecom has almost monopolized the market, other phone and Internet service providers offer very attractive packages.

Land line

Once you have settled in your new accommodation, you will probably want to get a land line installed. You simply have to visit a branch of Algeria Telecom with the following documents:

  • a handwritten application without a tax stamp
  • your identity card
  • proof of residence (lease document, utility bill or residence certificate).

Your application will then be processed and a registration receipt will be issued to you.

If you wish to apply for a business land line, the following documents are to be produced:

  • a request printed on a letterhead sheet, including the company's stamp and the manager's or other authorized official's signature without a tax stamp
  • the company's trade registration certificate
  • the company's tax card
  • a copy of the company's status documents
  • a proxy letter signed by the company's director
  • proof of address.

The land line contract will be issued once you have paid fees that apply and received a receipt.


In general, local and national phone calls are charged at 3 Algerian dinars per minute, excluding tax. On the other hand, phone calls made to mobiles phones are charged at 8 Algerian dinars per minute, excluding tax. You can also benefit from additional services such as premiums, call waiting indicator, teleconference, temporary forwarding and detailed billing, etc.


To obtain an Internet connection, you can choose from a land line connection, without a modem, or a wireless connection thanks to the 4G technology. Different Internet service providers offer various packages.

Occasional users can opt for Djaweb which provides a narrow band service. No user name or password is required. It is charged on the telephone bill. Moreover, subscription is not necessary. You can just request for the connection by dialing the 1515 from your land line. Rates vary as follows: 50 dinars per hour, that is 0.83 Algerian dinars per minute. You can also use a prepaid card which will provide from 20 to 60 hours of connection. These cost 400 and 1,000 dinars respectively, excluding the land line bill.

Athir ev-do, for its part, will allow you to access to high-speed and wireless internet through the local radio loop WLL network. A land line is not required. However, this type of connection is only available in some regions.

4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) provides access to high-speed wireless internet at up to 100 Mbps. It is shared between customers connected at the same time on the same radio cell. To be eligible to this type of connection, you must have a 4G LTE modem with 4G LTE sim card. Your neighborhood should also be covered by the 4G network. You can choose between two packages: the 5 GB which costs 3,500 dinars per month and 10 GB which costs 6,500 dinars per month. Once the volume consumed, you can remain connected at 512 Kbps for the remaining validity period.

Note that you will be responsible for the installation of the CPE modem. You just have to plug it and turn it on.

You can as well opt for 3G mobile connection which is available for smart phones and tablets. Packages offered have either a single day or a month validity period.

Good to know:

It is best to inquire with your Internet service provider first as some offers are restricted to particular types of customers. In fact, the ISP will inform you whether the chosen package or service is available in your neighborhood.

Mobile phones

To use a mobile phone, you can choose between the prepaid and the post-paid formula. You can also opt for specific and customized packages which can be settled following consumption. Some of these packages take into account the users' communication frequency, 3G Internet use and SMS, etc.

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