Getting Visa for Algeria

I'm from the US I recently married an Algerian man and I want to apply for my visa to visit Algeria. Can anyone tell me there process? Or any tips. How much money do you have to prove you have in the bank or have to make? Also if I'm approved for my visa, how long can I stay and if I want to revisit a few months later do I reapply or is it good for so long?

I'm sure if your husband is from Algeria, he would be able to find this out? Also, can I ask, where did you guys marry? I've begun talking to Algerian three months ago so I'm curious :)

We married in Tunisia. And this is his first time as well, so it's new for both of us. He's never had anyone get a visa to visit so he does not know. I've tried to research but I can't find anything 😑😩 it seems pretty easy, but I was trying to find real stories.

As far as I understand, he needs to go to his town hall and get an invitation for you to go to Algeria. Then once he sends you a copy of that document you apply with it through the Algerian embassy in USA. They also ask for copy of itinerary and address where you will stay. That seems easy.

Hello there .
It is Abel here and it will be nice explaining you some details , when it comes to Algerian visa it is all about the type of visa and what document you have , so far you you have mentioned that you are married to an Algerian citizen that is already excellent , do you have any official registration marriage if you do then you have to register that marriage also in the Algerian embassy at the same time if your husband is registered in the Algerian embassy he can write a sponsor letter that you are going with him as you are his wife and on the letter he must mention his address where in Algeria . Actually everything is in the Algerian embassy website and it is not difficult. And I wish both of you a happy life boa sorte .

If your husband is not with you in this case he has to sponsor you , and he needs to get the sponsor letter stamped at <la Wilaya> Meanwhile you can get your civil marriage authenticated by the Algerian embassy in your country so instead of getting a tourist visa you can get a marriage social visa , once you receive the sponsor letter it is better your husband also forward a copy of the sponsor letter to the embassy email , so you are all set , you get all the documents ready and you post them to the embassy if it is near your location you can submit application in person , and I wish you a good luck . Boa sorte

It is not about money in your case , you are married to an Algerian so you are going to your husband's house , basically you need ticket flight and if you can get a bank statement of 1500$ is nice and the ticket it doesn't have to be purchased you just get any itinerary from travel agency not purchased just details of your flight .boa sorte

We have our marriage contract, and our family book. He got me an invitation but it Is in his mothers name because I'm going to be staying at her villa. I read online if I have the book and contract I don't have to provide  the invitation. Do you know if this is true?

Thanks everyone it was very easy to get, I didn't need much of anything.

I'm sorry I just seen this post. If you still have any questions let me know