SOS extend visa URGENT

its kind of urgent, am algerian living in china and ill be back to algeria very soon, my girl is american i wanna bring her with me to live with in algeria, i wanna ask you please how to extend her visa after she came to algeria, and is it possible to make for her (la carte consulaire) there in algeria from american embassy and if its possible to make this card can you please tell me how to make it and wich papers and documents she needs to make it.
thank you for your help

a se que elle as deja une visa pour rentrez en algerie
presque d apres si je compris u need to extend her visa thats mean this girl she is in algeria now or in the states .

am gonna make an invitation for her to came and they will give her only 3 months visa, i dont wanna bring her to algeria and after i i cant extend her visa so she has to leave again, u know what i mean, because of this i want to know how to make it before she came
and thank you so much for your help.

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