how can i get a Visa to visit Algeria....i am Lebanese and i've been told that i need an invitation from an Algerian company but don't know anyone in Algeria.... can anyone help please.

Dear Majed,

It is pretty difficult to get a visa for some countries, as they do the same for Algerian, I think tha' through a travel agency you can get anything, but the best way to be sure of that is to call the algerian embassy in Beirut or to go there, they are able to give you the answers.. I had a lot of lebanese friends when I was living in Algeria, they were coming easily..

Gud luck

bonjour a vous

j'aimerai savoir si vous avez obtenu votre visa facilement? combien de temps pour avoir la réponse?

mon ami a deposé la demande de visa ca fait presque un mois , mais toujours pas de réponse.

merci d'avance pour votre reponse :)

Hello selmaye.

Can you please write in english on this Anglophone forum?

Here is the Francophone forum where you can start a new thread and post your questions.

Thank you,

Hello, sorry i don't speak english very well :)

I like to know if you got your visa easily? How long to get the answer? my friend has left the visa application for almost a month, but still no response.

thank you in advance for your response  :)

why do you want to tcome to algeria for lol my uncle works at the algerian embassy go to switzerland england if you wanna come to algeria message me

Hi rashid hamza

my  Lebanese friend wants to come to our engagement in Algeria, it's been a month and a half he expects the response of the visa and still nothing, How long does it take usually to get a response from the Embassy of Algeria?  I hope they'll answer it soon  :(