What documentation is necessary for visa and marriage?

Hi friends its good to be the part of expact and thank to this plate form to helping people's I am Siraj Muslim ag 30 from UAE DUBAI and I want to marry Algeria .I love an Algerian girl and we r in deep and serious love is there any person who are true lover to help me to find out the way how can be there. I mean I need information about marriage traditions rulls of country. And working in algeria also if any true lover feels my serious feelings towards my girl friend to let me know about what documentation is necessary for visa and marriage. Plz let me know if any true lover feel that.with regards
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From Abu Dhabi

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In terms of work I suggest to post an ad in the section jobs in Algeria.

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i have recvently got married to my algerian husband, the best day of my life, in tunis

Assalam Alaikoum brother siraj,
I am so sorry for the late response, in terms of getting married in Algeria, it can be so easy as it can be hard.
Well i got married in 2005 , my wife is from the US it was very smooth, i meet people who directed me to the good direction.
Your partner should approach a Marriage  department for Foreign is based in algiers near the port.
she will need to complete the form
get Your birth certificate both translated into french or Arabic official language in Algeria
If you never married before you need a certificate from your Local city hall proofing that
If you are divorced you need a letter of divorce again translated into FRench or Arabic
After completing the paperwork you will get an appointment at the Police Central where you be asked some basic question, 3 to 4 days after or a week you can collect your permission of marriage , you contact your partner local city hall book a day and alhamdoullilah
please do not hesitate to contact me if you do require any further information, i am in algiers till 15 December 2014