live in Algeria

Hello everyone,
I am writing this post to look to some helps from algerians or foreigners who are studying in Algeria or work in algeria.
I am making plan to visit algeria in july,i need visa,and after i consult some agents from china,it is very expensive and also not possible to get travel visa.
I am learning primary french now,and wanna live in i need to find the university which accepts foreign students who do not speak french and arabic and proceeds with the lessons in the way,i am from China.Without reply from Algeria embassy,i feel bad.
Therefore, I would like to know whether there is a way for foreigners to stay and study languages with the proper visa in algeria?Or is there any website for foreigners look for jobs?
I am really looking forward to useful advice and helps.
very appreciate for some informations in advance.

hi i hope you are allright i glad you about helping Im here any time just what you have plane in futur as studing working thnkyou

mr zaki

Just curious...
Any specific reason to choose to move to Algeria ? As I can see you don't have a employment contract in hand or education program enrollment.