Property agents in Mauritius

Dear friends ,
                      if you are searching for a property to buy or rent , my sincere advice to all of you , please DO NOT deal with any estate agents ! There is abosolutely no need for you pay 2% of commission for mostly VERY poor service .
   In Mauritius , absolutely NONE of the "sois disant" estate agents possess any kind of professional qualifications  as estate agents ... Many of them do pay their licence fees , but that alone does not make them an estate agent .
  They know NOTHING  about ethics and profesionalism ; their ONLY aim is to rip you off of 2% commission and quite often they even add an extra layer profits which you will not see , as it is often a deal with owners to pay them any extra amount which they can plough from your pocket !
Mauritius being a small island , IT IS VERY Easy to search for properties on your own , as many owners put signboards with their mobile numbers . Also , by asking the locals and the neighbours around , they will most probably help you get in touch with the owners , where you can negotiate directly with them , and they will often give great discounts .
Remember ... NEGOTIATE DIRECTLY with the owners ... Never trust an agent , they will NEVER act in your favour !

As regards estate agents, you are absolutely right.

Those lawyers do not behave professionally either as the regulatory regime is non-existing. I find it difficult to fathom how the legal system works.

Thanks for the advice about both estate agents and lawyers! Who needs it?!

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