Health Insurance Companies (health, dental, life and disability.)

Your advice, please, as expats:

As Americans, we would like some information on the best insurance company or companies to choose while living and working in Saudi Arabia and The Emirates. There are a number of insurance companies listed on the web for expatriates.

As an independent contractor, I will need to select my own insurance company. Are there preferred insurers that you have selected for coverage while living in Saudi Arabia?  The Emirates?

We will be looking for health, dental, disability and life insurance from one carrier if possible. If not, then just health and dental insurance.

Are some companies preferred over others in terms of claims?

Thank you very much.


you should contact our partner: … ia/riyadh/

Hope this helps;


I like Bupa health insurance

it's our current partner ;)

In my view they are all a bunch of thieves waiting to extract their pound of flesh from the clients. Ive dealt with all of them in KSA. One is no better than the other. We have no choice but to go with one. Currently I am with Tawuniya, by kind courtesy of my client who has given me and my family a Balsam Gold 1 policy covering both within KSA and Overseas medical treatment.

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