Health care for Expats in Saudi Arabia

Updated 2012-03-23 06:43

Health insurance is mandatory for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia except domestic workers like maids and drivers.

The sponsorers of domestic workers are fully responsible for their health related expences. Either they should be registered in the regional Government Health Center where they will be given a registeration card, or they should get medical treatment at private clinics or hospitals at the expence of their sponsorer. This right is given by the government of Saudi Arabia.

Other expatriates (except the dependants like children, spouces) must have medical insurance at the expence of their sponsorers. Depending on the type of insurance coverage, they can claim medical treatment at specified clinics/ hospitals.

The insurance company will supply the details of medical clinics. Majority of expats fall in C category. They receice C category cards. They must go to specific medical centers for treatment. If they need more sofisticated treatment, the primary care center must refer them to a bigger center. Insurance company's approval is needed. For any kind of treatment which exceeds the allowed limit for a category, approval is needed. If an insured person gets medical treatment outside approved network of the insurance company, he must submit all his bills + a medical certificate and fill insurance company's medical re-imbursement form to claim reimbursement of funds.

Usually companies pay back a part of such medical expence. There is full coverage of emergency medical conditions except work related injuries which are covered under GOSI insurance.

Go to your insurance companies web site to know more about your rights.

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