Pregnancy in Riyadh


could you please share advice and tips about pregnancy in Riyadh?

Who are the best gynecologists for pregnancy follow-ups?

Which hospitals or clinics would you recommend to give birth in Riyadh?

Thanks a lot in advance for your advice !



My friend's wife go to Olaya Medical Center for follow up on her pregnancy.
They highly recommend it, and the medical center have very good Jordanian doctors

i advise you with Olaya Medical center and Al Hammadi Hospital

My wife had our second daughter at specialized medical center

Very good qualified doctors. 110% satisfied from the doctors, staff and their medical facilities
Husband's are allowed to come in the delivery room.

could you pls share names of good female gynecologists in riyadh

exp123 wrote:

could you pls share names of good female gynecologists in riyadh

Doctor Fatima of Al-Takhassusi Hospital(specialized medical center), Riyadh.

     I delivered my second baby girl in Riyadh care hospital.  I had the best care there in Riyadh care. There are doctors of different nationals u can opt from them I feel all are good.
Take care..

I Suggest that for Consultation Olaya Medical Center and Hamadi Hospital are Good.

For Delivery Dalah Hospital have Very Good doctors and then Hamadi Hospital.

There is one Dr. Nayyar (Paksitani) in Obaid Hospital, Highly Experienced.

I echo what vampire_god said


i'm astonished if we findout fertility aid here easily
i.m looking for Pre-seed or Concieve plus, any help

Aali786 wrote:


i'm astonished if we findout fertility aid here easily
i.m looking for Pre-seed or Concieve plus, any help

You can check out Thuriah medical center in Khurais Road, beside MBC office and next to King Faisal Specialist hospital. They are specialists in fertility and other issues related to women specifically.

Location map from Google - link below … 13&iwloc=A

My advice is as following:

Best 3 in Riyadh are:
- Suleiman Al-Habib
- Dallah Hospital
- Takhassusi Hospital

Regarding Hammadi, although is has very good reputation among people here but i don't recommend it at all, because it's like a 2-stars hotel compared to Dallah and SH

All Dallah doctors are very good specially Dr. Mumtaza, and Dr. Suheer Mohammad

One last advice, don't try to go to Kingdom Hospital because they're thieves.

Lol. How so with kingdom hospital

You cant just make accusations with no causation

Dr Joseph at Shifa Al Jazeera hospital main Batha is best

soniahaider wrote:

hello im sonia my husband has suffering in azoospermia please tell me best hospital hai best docter in riyadh please tell me sooon.

There is clinic - named Thuria next to MBC office in Makkah Road, you need to take a u - turn at the panda signal, where King Faisal Specialist Hospital is also. Coming back on Makkah road you will find this clinic to your right hand side and they are experts in this area.

Al-hammadi Doctors Are Good, But disappointed with Reception Services. When I Went First Time and Asked For Indian Gyne Doctor's Appointment, Reception Said Indian Doctor Is Not Available, And They Given Pakistani Doctor Appointment, After My Appointment, I Saw Indian Doctor Is Available Just beside the Room of Pakistani Doctor and Treating The Patients. However Pakistani Dr. Tazneem Treated Well.
Atleast Reception people should say that Indian doctor is Available but you need to wait for your turn or come tomorrow. I really disappointed with reception services..

Tooo good expirience with dr tazeen

@Mona Can u please give more details as i am planning to visit her.

You should take appointment but even without appointment the dr can see you her timing is 4.30 to 9 pm best of luck

khan2979 wrote:

@Mona Can u please give more details as i am planning to visit her.

Dr Tazeen Piracha [Al Hammadi] is highly recommended gynecologist from the day one till delivery. The Indian Gynecologist in Olaya Medical Clinic referred one of my friend to Dr Tazeen because she couldn't handle few complications.

@Muhammad Aamer Thanks for the suggestion.
One of my friend has not good experience with Tazeen. But most of them recommended to consult doctors in Hammadi.

Well it all depends upon us, how we succeed in getting special attention. You know what I mean? :p

We did not have a good experience with Dr. Shaheena Shafiq @ Olaya Medical Center. We went to her after a recommendation from my friend, but to our surprise, the way Dr. handled the case was not competent enough. She shared the doubts about the pregnancy case as if my wife was her medical colleague. She came and apologized for the error, but my wife did not want to see her again so we had to shift.

It is quite difficult to find good doctors in Saudi Arabia and the news disclosed about hundreds of doctors with fake certificates in Saudi practicing medicine.

We are now consulting with Dr. Tazeen Piracha and my wife is pleased with the doctor. She kept her informed about all the possible complications in her pregnancy and advised her on all aspects. We have another appointment in 2 weeks.

May Allah be with all of us.

financejunkie wrote:

May Allah be with all of us.

Amen to that!

Dr Shazia Maqsood at Aaryan salman habib is very good feritility specialist


plese let me know Dr. Tazeen Piracha is in which hospital.

zubair1108 wrote:


plese let me know Dr. Tazeen Piracha is in which hospital.

Dr Tazeen is in Al Hammadi Hospital, close to Akaria in Olaya

You can go any day she is kind enough to see even without appointment 4.30 pm to 9 pm:)


Hello as my wife is pregnant,done home test,so i want to know the next step what to do whom to consult as we both are new in riyadh please guide.


is Axa insurance covering in SMC?
How is the services? Who is best gynochologist in there?

my wife has to deliver our first baby Insha Allah on April second week.

I had an amazing birth experience with Dr Shazia Maqsood in Sulaiman Al Habib hospital Khurais road. After one previous caesarean, she encouraged me to deliver normally. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical but she successfully talked me into a VBAC and gave me her personal number to contact in case of emergency. As promised, she was there at 3 am in the morning to help me deliver our son who was a whopping 3.8 kg. She encouraged my husband to cut the baby's cord and gave me enough time to nurse my baby at birth.The best thing about Dr Shazia is her smiling and pleasing personality and her professionalism. Each time we saw her at her clinic, she greeted us by standing up for us. During my labor, she was as caring as a mother. After my delivery, when I went to see her back, she was vigilant to offer me a breast check, a pap smear and took her time to discuss contraception with me and my husband.Feeling Blessed and would recommend Dr Shazia to anyone looking for an exceptionally caring gynecologist in Riyadh.

Can someone guide if Shifa Al Jazeera hospital is good  for consulting and delivery..... And where they actually go for operations?....

Please can I have the idea of cost under Dr. Shazia Maqsood, as I am also looking for VBAC, just arrived in Riyadh and just in to my second trimester. Thanks.

Hi does anyone done ivf from riyadh?any good hispital or any good doctor for ivf treatment. plz help

afk10 wrote:

Hi does anyone done ivf from riyadh?any good hispital or any good doctor for ivf treatment. plz help

You can check out Thuria Medical Center at Takhasosi street.

Hi check out my blog based on dealing with infertility In Riyadh you can contact me directly through my blog
Kind regards

Kindly share your experiences with Dallah hospital..My doctor is Saba Hamedi and she has planned c.section for me as i have few complications.Please provide your suggestions regarding the same doctor and the hospital.Also  share your experiences with Obeid hospital (Dr.Nayar) which is actually quite near to my place.Am in a fix.

My sister and a few family friends all had their deliveries rake place at Dallah hospital and we're more than satisfied with their care.

I like Saudi German Hospital. They're a little pricey, but quite good. My employer Princess Nora University doesn't pay for health insurance anymore, so I have to go to government clinics now. But when I really need help, like for my skin rashes, I like SGH. They're on King Fahad Road I believe.