Filipino ob gyne

Hi im balleza i need filipino doctor im live in shifa riyadh


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Hi Belleza,

As I know there are
Filipino Doctors in Olaya Medical Clinic, Olaya Road opposite of Computer Market or beside Al Rajhi bank.

Do you need OB gyne doctor?

Hello have an obygne filipina here in olaya riyadh

Can you give her name and in where hospital, thanks.

Am looking for a Filipino gynecologist in Dammam, Khobar area


I already have a FIlipino obstetrician but sad to say she went back to Philippines without an assurance of coming back. I am now on my 4th month pregnancy and I am looking for Filipino obstetrician.

Someone posted that there is a Filipino obstetrician in Olaya Medical Center but when I checked their website, there's none.

Can anyone help me please?

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