Filipina tourist visa to sweden

Hej everyone.. Im from Scotland and i am planning to invite my filipina gf this september. I just move here in gothenburg few months ago and renting a place to the company where i work. I am an individual contractor and i have one year contract to work here in sweden.  Im just wondering what sort of documents my gf needs to obtain visa so she can visit me here in september for couple of weeks. Thanks for the future help.. :)


Visa Schengen with proof of money for you both, accomodation attest, and a proof of back in Philippin, but, actually, it's very hard for a Philipina (or Thai) to get a tourist visa because very often, the authorities of the country where the visa is asked, think these girls want to come in Europe to live definitely in... Above all when they have a boyfriend...

Ask a fiancé visa for wedding, it's "easier".

Try to search on vfs Norway. Offices are in Manila and Cebu. The forms and requirements are there. Just supply everything your partner is allowed for 90 days stay.

Hard isnt the word for it. I got my tourist visa for sweden and got the result after 48 hours. As long as u have all the documents or the checklist right i guess you will be granted a tourist visa.

hi, im planning to visit my bf in sweden and he will sponsor my 3 months stay there, I just want to ask which visa should I apply for? should I apply for a tourist visa or fiancee's visa? we haven't met each other personally and we've been in a relationship for only 6months now. actually he wants to go here in the philippines and stay for 2weeks just so we can get married but he really cant go because of his work so we have decided that I should visit him in sweden instead. please enlighten me because I dont know how can I go there the soonest possible time :-) thanks!

If you plan to have tourist/schengen visa to Sweden for 3 mos you can apply in Manila but make an appointment at vfs Norway through online first, gather the requirements that's stated in the form and pass it personally on your appointment day/time. You can do walk in if you're near Cebu. (Just read the info when you search Google so you'll be guided accordingly)
You can pass it to the consulate in Manila also if you plan to have a visit visa but it may take some time to process/be granted and you'll go to bkk for bio. So better have it via vfs Norway, it takes 15 days for processing or even less. … HrJsqDMDqB

Hello sis.,can apply here online on this web For visit/tourist/schengenvisa

hi, is there any possibility that my tourist visa application will get declined? thanks

I'm not sure about that but as long as You completed all requirements needed and your sponsor is capable to provide your needs there in  sweden, problem I think.

thank you for replying, but i've read one post here that filipinas and thai's are having a hard time applying for a tourist visa, is it true? and it says in her post that it's much easier to apply for a fiance's visa, sorry if I have too much questions, I just really dont have any idea about it. thanks!

and do I have to print out our  conversations online to prove that we really have a relationship?

I don't heard such a fiancé visa for sweden..sorry

and print out of convo online was not in mandatory requirements..but they will interview you when you hand in your docs in consulate regarding for your relationship with your sponsor

thank you :-)  im just so excited and nervous at the same time :-) :-) :-)

Welcome😊Good luck!

Hello everyone!
I would like to ask if it is possible for me to apply for a permanent residence or to live permanently in Sweden. My Swedish husband and I just got married recently this January and We are planning to apply for a tourist visa first but I want to live with my husband permanently right away.
I hope someone can help me or has the same case with me. Thank you!

Hi DorizzP

I think you should apply first a temporay residence permit (valid 2 years ) before you can proceed to permanent residence permit

Hello Beauty88,
Thank you for your reply, So there is temporary residence permit( valid for 2 years)and permanent residence permit. I ever I will be granted temporary residence permit, Do I still need to go back to Philippines before I can apply for a permanent residence?
Thank You Beauty88

Hello  DorrizP

No need to..can apply it inside sweden before your Temporary R.P expire.

Thats What My partner explained to me

Zarah100- in some cases their questioning about how long you been together you said that you haven’t met in person yet .but be postive girl keep in touch if you get your visa best regards.

Hej! Getting residence permit ( permanent ) isn't easy , the immigration will decide if you deserve to have permanent or not , I think it depends on your status in sweden. But before you could apply for permanent you must apply residence card ( good for 2yrs ) then 1month before the expiration you could apply for permanent.

Hi everyone! I just want to ask if my bf from sweden can apply for me a 2yrs temporarily residence permit even am still here in malaysia working...or do i need to go back Philippines....Thanks....

You can check the link below for information regarding Schengen Visa. I agree, it's not hard to get a visa as long as you submit all the necessary requirements indicated on the checklist. … iends.html


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