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Finding work in Gothenburg
Sweden's second biggest city after Stockholm, and one of the largest in all of Scandinavia. Located in Västra Götaland County, Gothenburg has a population of 581,822 in the city centre, with more than 1 million people living in the broader municipal area. Founded in 1621, Gothenburg is famous for its port — which is the biggest port in the Nordic region. Gothenburg attracts many expats with its sustainable, open and multicultural character: currently, 23% of the people living in Gothenburg were born outside of Sweden. It's also a growing city, so you should have no problem finding work as an expat. 
Internships in Sweden
Sweden is very welcoming towards young students and trainees. By moving here, you will have the chance to acquire expertise in a working environment with strong egalitarian values, be a part of an international hub of professionals and use cutting edge technology and advanced tools. To be able to intern in Sweden though, you will have to get a permit if you're not an EU or Nordic citizen.  
Finding work in Malmö
Located in Skåne county in the south of Sweden, Malmö is one of Scandinavia's first heavily industrialised cities which has developed greatly during the past era — especially in terms of infrastructure and architecture. Now a post-industrial, culturally diverse and sustainable destination, Malmö is Sweden's third largest city. Its population of 333,633 comprises people from over 170 different countries, speaking more than 150 different languages. Thanks to its university, Malmö also attracts a younger crowd: currently almost half of the city's population is younger than 35 years old. While the diverse environment makes it very easy for expats to navigate the labour market, you should keep in mind the city's high unemployment rate.
Become a digital nomad in Sweden
Sweden, the largest of the Nordic countries, is more than Abba, Ikea, and meatballs. Ranking in the top ten of UN's World Happiness Report, there is something about Sweden that makes its residents content with life — and a myriad of digital nomads are flocking to the country to find out its secret.
Finding a job in Stockholm
As one of the biggest Scandinavian capitals in Northern Europe, Stockholm is an attractive location for expats. There are many job opportunities with appealing wages and of course, the city offers an extremely high quality of living. Although job hunting is competitive, there are many resources available to help expats find a job in Stockholm. 
Setting up a business in Sweden
Every year, Sweden attracts thousands of expats looking for new ventures. If you are one of them, you should be aware that the process and the difficulty of starting your own business in Sweden will vary drastically, based on whether or not you are an EU or Nordic national. 
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Added on 15/05/2023
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