Need to start booking interviews

I already have a travel planned to Gothenburg between the 9th and 13th of September! Now i really need to book job interviews in whatever comes along for those dates! I'm really hoping to come back to Portugal already with a contract so i can finally start moving and getting my younger son transfered to a school there!

   If anyone can help me i would be very thankfull!

I've got a CV prepared to be emailed when necessary!:)

Hi EliaFernandes,

What type of job are you looking for?

You may want to post an advert in the jobs in Gothenburg section.

Thank you,

Well, any kind of job really! I have a background as a military, as a supermarket worker both as fish monger and a butcher. I even worked on a trafic signs factory, where i did everything from cleaning the offices to actually work on making the signs!
   I'm not that picky on new jobs, all i want is a break even if that means a fresh start in something i've never done before!
   Of course i would love to go back into the mechanical area, or even have a job as a civilian in the armed forces, because the military was the most exciting part of my life! But as long as i get a job that allows me to get the residence permit as make up my life into the swedish society, anything will be fine!

Okay here's the deal. I have moved to Sweden as of December 2011 and I have a 2 year residency permit. My biggest recommendation is to learn fluent Swedish before you come here. Also, don't take the risk on only a 90 day Visa, you can't receive a job here without a work-visa or 2 year visa, and without fluent Swedish you're even less likely.

I don't want to sound SO discouraging, but it's hard for even Swedes to get jobs here.
I am university-educated and heavily experienced in many other areas, but honest to goodness the language matters more. The more languages you have under your belt, the faster things will move along.

Before you can get hired here, you need a personalnumber. Talking to Migrationsverket ( the Swedish migration board) is the best way to go to get started.
After you get a personal number, from Skatteverket (http:// you can then start looking for jobs and register with arbetsförmedlingen ( and also register for SFI, which is essentially Swedish for Immigrants in order to acheive a high school level equivalent of Swedish. Vuxenutbildingen ( is where to go to learn more about SFI (Swedish for Immigrants).
Also after receiving your personalnumber, don't forget to immediately register with skattverket and försakringskassan that's the taxes and insurance.

My strongest hardest advice is to learn Swedish. Not many people take expats as employees here, not even restaurants if you don't know Swedish. My biggest mistake was thinking that English was okay for the job market here. It took a lot to fumble through the government, and it feels like hell to be jobless.