hey guys,i want to move to Gothenburg,Sweden soon but work is the problem,can someone give a straight answer and tell me is there any work in Gothenburg for an English speaker? thanks :)

Hello butnz.

Welcome to :)

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In which sector are you looking for a job?


Karen :)

You still thinking of moving to goteborg?

yes I have decided to work in sweden.Iam hairdresser

"Decided"??  There's a lot more to working in a foreign country than just deciding to turn up, Arayeh. What action have you done so far?

What are your skills ? The swedes can speak english but they like you to understand swedish if you want a job
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Honestly, don't let anyone get your hopes up too high. There is a relatively low amount of work available to English speakers here unless of course you have the funds to start up your own hair salon.