Working in Gothenburg for English speakers only

I moved from England in February and the only break i've got is 5 mins away from my laptop constantly searching for jobs that don't require you to speak Swedish. Now the obvious response is "well learn Swedish". This doesn't fix the short term though. I couldn't even get work delivering newspapers in the local area for this reason alone! Arbetsformedlingen is a real waste of time, They really don't want to help when you go to the office. They give you advice to go learn the language, however language courses run twice a year and there is a big waiting list to get in. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? As I find I am running out of options.

Best chance of a job is in a bar or restaurant. There's loads of Brits here in Stockholm working in them.

In my experience applying for these positions over email is useless. You need to find english speaking barmen/women and chat to them.

Bars and restaurants are often in need of people at short notice. Chat these people up. When the shit hits the fan and everyone is sick on a Friday night you can be the knight in shining armour!

Tip - go done to the bar outside of the busiest times. Between 3-5 is cleaning time. Nobody likes cleaning!

Try adding the fact you are 50 years of age and only know basic norsk and swedish you can not even get job cleaning toliets if you dont know swedish and how funny is that because English in Norway and Sweden is there second laungage.