Looking for a work in Gothenburg

My name is Yevheniia. I am 24 years old. I am from Ukraine. I am looking for a work in Sweden, particularly in Gothenburg or its outskirts. I am ready to work from the middle of October.

Two years ago I graduated Kherson National Technical University, the faculty of International economical relations, the speciality “Technical translation: English, German, Ukrainian and Russian languages”. I worked as an interpreter, a translator than as a manager in marine crewing agency. In 2010 I took part in summer language program. I studied German for 1 month in Augsburg, Bayern, Germany.

I decided to try myself. Because I am sure that I am able to and I want to develop my skills, my inner world. I want to learn Swedish, to learn Gothenburg, to learn culture of Sweden, to get to know people who live in Sweden, to be useful. I can work hard and I am ready to consider any work. I love Sweden, love Gothenburg. It is the dream of my life.

Thank you so much!

Hi Yevheniia

Very well written

God Bless

Thank you very much!

Best wishes! :)

Do keep Oslo in mind too, it is a bit like Goteborg, and if you learn Swedish you will also be able to speak Norwegian

Thank you so much! I'll think about Norway :)

Yevheniia wrote:

Thank you so much! I'll think about Norway :)

Hi, I hope you find the job you want soon. I speak russian, so we can interact in Russian. I live in Gotheborg and love it there too

Hi, I am very pleased to meet person who has deal with languages and loves Gothenburg. Of course, we can communicate in Russian.
Thank you, I really hope to find work in Gothenburg, city of my dream. :)
Can you advise me anything?
I am ready to start working even for free and almost in any field. I want to speak Swedish well. I have started to learn it, but you know, it is impossible to learn language well and fast not living in this atmosphere and so on.
Waiting for your soon reply! ;)

Well, I m pretty new in Gotheborg too and at the moment looking for a job too, but I guess we should help each other if some of us finds out anything about recruiting agency, whatsoever.
I worked in denmark as a volunteer in a flower shop, I definitely loved it. I learnt a lot about flower care, I think it is easy to get volunteer job, all you have to do is to offer your help to someone who s employed.
Are you permanently in Gotheborg?

Yes, it is really a good idea to be a volunteer, but I have a problem, I am not in Gothenburg, I don't live in Sweden. So, you know how it can be difficult with all these documents.
I will be glad to help you, if I find something. :)

I see. So you want to find a job and travel here on work visa? I know how hard it is with documents. I just recently got my residence card and it wasn't easy. Is it your dream to live in Sweden? Have you ever been to Gotheborg?

Yes, I need work visa.
It is my dream to live in Gothenburg.
I have been in Gothenburg this month. I was there for 2 weeks. And now it is the aim of my life!

Well, I believe in success when you really go for your aim. I met my husband three years ago and we got finally together last February so I had my target and by working hard, I hit it. I guess you need to find a company who will be willing to hire a foreigner and take a responsability inviting you and visa papers. I wish you good luck. If hear of such a company I will let you know.
I have seen a group of people from ukrain in denmark, skagen recently, weren't you there?

I agree with you. Right words!
Thank you so much! I will be very thankful if suddently you meet something for me.
I wish you good luck too!
No, I have never been in Denmark.
Have a nice evening! ;)