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Proudly called “the capital of Scandinavia”, Stockholm is a metropolitan city that always attracted expats. As a global tech and talent hub, Stockholm provides not only quality of living to its inhabitants, but also many professional opportunities and appealing wages. Job hunting in Stockholm will be extremely competitive, but then again the opportunities are also many.

Economy and labour market

Stockholm is famous for being one of Europe's most dynamic capital cities, especially in the fields of information and communication technology. Note that the city hosts 40% of the companies operating across the country and involved in various fields. The unemployment rate is also the lowest in the country, around 6%.

The private sector remains the main recruiter in Stockholm, with 85% of the local active population. High companies, including companies such as IBM and Electrolux, etc, are the most promising fields in terms of employment. Moreover, the biggest ICT centres are found in the North of the city.

The capital city hosts several local company headquarters, banks, etc. Hence, you are quite likely to be hired in the finance, banking and insurance sectors, provided you have the required qualifications and skills. Tourism also makes a significant contribution to the local economy as Stockholm has become, since a few years, one of the most visited European capital cities.

Job hunting

As a global capital city, Stockholm's labour market is very open towards English speaking workers. Start-ups, for instance, are more likely to hire foreigners although these are encouraged to learn Swedish for better integration into their working environment. In fact, knowledge of English is almost a basic factor for recruitment in the capital city.

If you are not yet in Stockholm, feel free to start your job search on the Internet. Start by visiting the Arbetsförmedlingen website, which is the Swedish Public Employment Service and remains until today the website with the most visibility when it comes to job search. If you are already in Stockholm, consider dropping by an Arbetsförmedlingen agency where they will provide you with relevant assistance, including programs intended for job seekers.

 Good to know:

If you’re an EU national, then the EURES database and programme is also at your disposal.

Wages & cost of living

Stockholm is Sweden’s most expensive city to live in, but thankfully your salary will reflect that. Although each field is different as wages are negotiated by employers and employee unions, most tech companies/startups/advertising agencies will probably offer salaries between 20,000-40,000 SEK per month depending on the position and your qualifications.

 Good to know:

You should be aware though that any amount quoted is before taxes. Taxation in Sweden happens at the base, which means the amount you’ll have to pay for taxes will be deducted from your salary every month. So before you make any decisions, it would be wise to calculate how much money you’ll actually be left with after taxes. The Statsskuld website has a calculator for you to do exactly that.

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