IT jobs for English speaking

Hello everyone!
I'm applying for a PhD program in the university of Gotheborg. I don't need to speak Swedish to be accepted because my work will be in English. However I'm worried about my boyfriend being able to find a job. He is a computer scientist with two years experience as an Android developer. He is French and he speaks perfect English but just a bit of Swedish (he learned it when doing an exchange program there). We have friends working in similar jobs in Stockholm without speaking Swedish at all but how is it in Gotheborg? I know for most people is really hard to find a job without speaking Swedish but do you know if it is the same in the IT companies?

Thank you!

Hello Galeta,

I hope you'll get some advice soon.


I can hardly see this being a problem. Volvo hires english speaking people by the minute.
If he shapes up the c++/java/.net the chances increases.

That's good to know. Thank you!

He can also try applying to Sony Ericsson