Jobb In Göteborg/Sweden.

Hello, I have been in Sweden since January 2014, Have been looking for a jobb since then, I have sent alot of emails to companies of ( Personal assistants ) But it says that I need to speak Swedish, Yet I am already on SFI ( Swedish for Immigrants ) and learning the language.

I also Speak Frensh, English, and Arabic, But it seems that its useless?

Do you guys have any suggestions for me? Which works should I apply on more?

Thank you so much,

Hi how are you? I think one of the requirements about having a job in Sweden is to, speak swedish, mostly people in Sweden speak English too, but they prefer, having theyre dialect if you want to apply for work so lycka till!!!


Hi Expats! its been awhile since I've been here,hows life  being an expat?I can say it's abit  hard and bored isn't it, when you miss your homeland, the food and everything, I've been to Stockholm, and looking for authentic filipino or asian, store, and then later, it's been closed? I don't know the reason but, I think Swedish dont like asian food, sorry...just telling my opinion..well I'm trying to be contented, in my own way coz there's nothing I can do, for sure..And really can't wait to go home..

ciao bella

Hi I've been reading your post/blog.... Can you please give me some advice... we are planning to move in Sweden, does is it good choice? how's the life in Sweden? Is it easy to adopt the culture?
Hoping for some feedback


Hello here is good but its hard to make a life weathear is bad but u will be fine do u cone alone here?

Hey i know one asian store where you can buy all kinds of household products including foods and all. It is located under the ground floor of metro station in stockholm central and you know what i have to disagree with you one word swedish people love asian food and on that store you can buy Chinese, Thai, Korean, ,Japanes, , Vietnam and Mongolian food i hope this will help you.
I just went there last week and buy lots of Thai and korean food.