Accommodation in Gothenburg

Accommodation in Gothenburg
Updated 2018-10-29 07:40

Looking for accommodation in Gothenburg? Here are some useful tips to guide you through your search.

Gothenburg is undeniably one of the biggest and most popular Swedish cities, with a population of 581,822 in the city centre and more than 1 million people living in the broader municipal area. But despite being a fast growing city that's very welcoming towards expats, its rental market is still unable to support the quickly growing demand. Hence, finding accommodation in Gothenburg can be quite complicated: you will have to be quite patient and plan well in advance.

The housing market in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is expected to reach a population of 700,000 by 2035. The city is growing dramatically and there are numerous housing projects currently in development ' in fact, whole new residential districts are emerging in previously industrial areas. Unfortunately, this does not change the fact that right now, finding housing in Gothenburg remains difficult.

Finding first-hand rental is very hard, as there is a housing queue you will need to register to and the waiting period can take up to several years (!) before you are placed in an apartment. As a result of that, people in Gothenburg rent second-hand, i.e. renting the accommodation from the current tenant, with the owner's consent. Since even renting second-hand will take some time, good alternatives in the meantime include renting short-term, flat-sharing or co-living.

Rent prices are going up in Gothenburg: there was a 9% increase in single-room apartments since last year and a 13% increase in multiple-room apartments. For instance, you will need an average of 5,600-8,000 SEK (560-800 euros) for a regular studio apartment, and around 13,000-16,000 SEK (1,300-1,600 euros) for a three-bedroom apartment in a popular neighbourhood. These prices usually include hot water and electricity.

Good to know: As the area has a great public transport system, many people find it better (and less expensive) to live in smaller towns or outskirts such as Lerum, Kungsbacka, Mölndal and Partille and commute to work to Gothenburg every day.

Districts & neighbourhoods in Gothenburg

If you are moving to Gothenburg with your family, you will enjoy a modern environment and a relaxed climate, due to its proximity to the sea. You will also be delighted by Gothenburg's rich cultural heritage, including many cultural and sports activities all year round. Gothenburg also hosts a large student population thanks to its universities and other higher education institutions.

Some of the most popular neighbourhoods are Majorna (in west Gothenburg), Vasastan (in the city centre), Haga and Gamlestaden. Gamlestaden may be old (the name translates to 'the old city') but it used to be an industrial area until recently ' now it's a thriving neighbourhood with vintage shops and markets, as well as many housing options.

How to find accommodation in Gothenburg

If you are planning to settle in Gothenburg you will have to be very patient and plan your move well in advance. Word of mouth is no doubt a useful tool when it comes to housing search, so feel free to ask your friends and contacts on the spot regarding any vacant housing units. There are also Facebook groups you can join, so that you get notifications once something is available.

You may also check out classified ads on housing websites and in local newspapers. Some housing websites actually do a lot more than just featuring ads and can actively assist you in things such as building an online profile that will help set you apart as a good candidate, managing rental agreements, signing the lease etc. Some of these services, like Bostad Direkt require a fee. Consider also registering with a real estate agency which can find you help the ideal accommodation according to your needs and budget.

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