I'm thinking of buying a flat in Sweden, but

does someone know what DRIFTKOSTNAD and BOENDEKOSTNAD are ? What is the difference between them and then what is the AVGIFT then.

As I understand, you pay monthly the AVGIFT but the DRIFTKOSTNAD and BOENDEKOSTNAD are a picture of what you will pay about ? But is the AVGIFT included in the DRIFTKOSTNAD ?

Thank you for your enlightening explanation 💡

Hello Laurence,

I have created a new thread from your post on the Sweden forum since the thread where you previously posted is from 2012.

Have you contacted a lawyer or a notary ?

I hope you will get some feedback on this one.

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Avgift means literally fee. It is included all the service your flat and compound need to function such as waste disposal, snow clearing, gardening, internet/TV subscription etc etc. 

Driftkostnad means all the expenses, you need to run or maintain your property for instance you need electricity, water supply, insurance etc etc. to maintain your property so it simply means running charges.

Avgift, driftkostnad plus bank mortgage cost is Boendekostnad. That is your total cost to own and live in a certain flat, literally means total household expenditure.   


tack så mycket Gästen for your clear explanation, I can have a look more precisely now.

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@Bhavna  No, i haven't contacted a lawyer or notary.

thank you for putting this talk in a new thread

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