Help with a problem with an apartment, such as reporting illegal rent

I spent 3 months in an apartment they couldn't rent, it was illegal and the conditions were very bad.
I paid more than I should have, they were subletting by the looks of it and the owner rented it to me with all the stuff there.

I rented by airbnb and claimed airbnb several times, they gave me some money back but I was not at all satisfied and someone told me that those apartments could not be rented and that in Sweden I could report them to get my money back because it was a scam and illegal.

But I don't know how to do it,

Can anyone tell me where to report this or where to report it?

Thank you

Well airbnb is entirely different thing compared to rental agreements. But you can complain in a few different ways. … h-arrende/

The above link is for court cases for renting disputes.

Anyway you could also report this to consumers forum which is

You can complain to the BRF or the bostadsrättsförening or the housing association, they might take action against the owner but you won't get your money back from them.

But I'm uncertain which one applies in this case. Maybe good to read terms of service from your booking email to decide that.

However few questions,
How do you conclude that your payment was more that what you should have? (Paid something directly to owner in cash?)
what does the "owner" say about your complaints? Have you offered him/her a chance to settle the "dispute"?
Are you sure the "owner" didn't have permission to rent the apartment second hand?

Hello MartaKira, Sorry for your bad experience! It can be illegal if the apartment is a rental apartment, but even though it is a rental apartment it is allowed to rent out only a room while the firsthand contractor also is living in the apartment.

If it is a bought/ mortgaged apartment, still owner has to get the permission from the housing cooperative to rent out even a room. But now they would not do anything in retrospect and there is nothing much to do either. (A housing cooperative is a certain amount of apartments that goes together and act like one unit in every aspect) 

If Airbnb did not check those information and did not verify with some kind of in writing documents then it was their fault. If it is a scam then this owner scammed Airbnb which in turn happened to scam you unintentionally. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do other than turn to Airbnb which you already have done and been compensated.     

If you had to go through anything inappropriate or any kind of harassment you experienced, then you always can make a police complaint about it.