Special interest in Göteborg

I am living and working in stockholm, I like to move to Göteborg for working and living... I will join swedish language learning soon.
I am looking for help to find a job and apartment in Göteborg for me & my husband, I am sure my life will get better there.

Hi Khalida.yamany and welcome to Expat.com!

All the best in your new life.;)


Thanks Harmonie

Nice to hear that you would like to move to Göteborg.
Finding an accomodation and a job here it's not easy. What kind of job are you looking for?
As employers value experience and motivation, maybe you can try to look for the same kind of job that you are doing in Stockholm?
Regarding accomodation, have a look at www.boplats.se
They recently changed the system of priority to get an appartement and even if you registred recently, you might have the chance to get an appartment.
Good luck!