Rent a flat or a house in Gothenburg

Finding a place to live is a priority when settling in Gothenburg. Your experience will be of a great help for the members who want to settle in Gothenburg.

Therefore, we have prepared some questions for you:

Is it hard to find a flat or a house for rent in Gothenburg?

How to find a home in Gothenburg: classifieds, real estate portals, real estate agencies?

How much is the rental for a house, an apartment?

What are the formalities or the required documents for renting an accommodation?

Which advice would you give?

Thanks in advance for participating!

My experience is that it can be tricky sometimes to find accomodation i goteborg.

There is a queue system called boplats goteborg. I would not recommend this one as it takes ages to even get an offer for a second hand contract for a flat. I was in the queue for about 7 months and did not get one offer.

Try instead to look in local papers or internet sites like blocket. I am swedish but new to the Gothenburg area so I went on where I found both a flat to rent very affordable over the summer and also a house to rent for a year. On this website there are also flats for rent. I am not sure whether you need a swedish id number (person nummer) to be able to rent, but I think it will make it easier. You can apply for a person nummer at skatteverket.

Rent per month for an ok flat or small house ranges from about 8000 kr - 15000 kr per month roughly.

Hope this information is useful to any of you.

Happy accommodation hunting!!

Hello EllaBell!

Thanks for these information.


I'm looking for a home in Gothenburg for me and my two sons! Doesn't have to be very big. I'm only moving next year, probably in July!

I'm looking for a family flat, 4 bedrom andrahand in Gothenburg near Centrum starting from Septmber 2016 for at least 6 month, off course Furnished.

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I am looking for flat options in Ericksberg. If you have a 2-3 bedroom flat for rent, please let me know. 



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