Moving to Gothenburg

We are a familiy of four (2 small boys at 3 and 5 years old, myself Danish and my wife Colombian). We are currently living in Shanghai, China and are most likely going to move to Gothenburg by the end of 2013.
Obviously there are many questions to be asked. A lot can be answered through the web. For now, it would be very helpful to know more about accomodation possibilties. House/appartment lease cost, any international areas and/or simply any other business in relation to accomodation, which is useful for someone like us that knows close to nothing abou Gothenburg :-). Hope that someone can help.
Kind regards, Morten Frank

Hello Morten Frank.

Welcome to! :)

Maybe you can be more specific in your request.
What kind of accommodation are you looking for?

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Hi Aurelie,

Thanks so much :-).
Preferably to lease a house, but I also recognize that cost for that is high. Alternatively an apartment, but we are 2 adults and 2 kids, so we need sufficient space. Min. 120 m2.
Are long term leasing costs in Gothenburg considered high?

All the best, Morten

Hello Morten. :)

I hope other members will be able to enlighten you.

For your accommodation search, you could consider posting an advert in the Housing in Gothenburg section.

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Hej Morton

Accomodation in Göteborg is very scarce and strictly regulated by the government.  There are two types of rental contracts available i.e. first hand and second hand.  The first hand contracts have an extremely long waiting time, have a look at for this type.  Second hand contracts is where the landlord is not able to live there themselves mainly due to work obligations in other cities or countries on a shorter term and then they let out the housing privately.  These are obviously a lot more expensive but there are more available, have a look at  We have been living in Göteborg for almost a year now and were fortunate to have a relocation company help us with this issue.  Please let me know if and how I can help further.  Good Luck!