Looking for a room or a flatmate

I'm moving to Gothenburg to work in Chalmers University on 17th August and am looking for a one bedroom apartment or for someone to share a flat with. If you have a room to rent or are looking for someone to rent an apartment with, please send me a message.
I'm 30, female, friendly and very clean.

Hi Elhamn,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

It will be better to post an advert on the appropriate section > Rooms for rent in Gothenburg.



Hello! Thee area is called Vasastan and you can walk to everything from here. High speed internet and cable TV is of course included.

How long time do you need a room?

Regards Staffan

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I am very friendly

I found an apartment and looking for a person for staying sharing basis.


Hello everyone,

@Logan_Geom, can you please drop an advert in the Shared accommodation in Gothenburg section of the website.

It is the housing dedicated section, you will have more responses to your proposal. :)

Thank you in advance,

where did you find apartment,,i mean in which city?
Are you still interested in renting the room or you found someone?

Yes, what's your requirements ?

I need a single room but in any northern city of sweden starting from mid/end of september.
I think your apartment is in gothenburg?

Ok. Then you need to search in blocket or some other website. Found another person to stay from Augest end. I am sorry and thank you for replying the message