Lakshmi apartment services for rental services in Gothenburg
I have given the link above. I want know whether it is legitimate service or not because i will be paying the amount before getting the keys. Although i am given 10 days for the inspection of the property but still i am in confusion to give it a GO.
Please let me know if anybody has used this service to rent a apartment.
Thanks in advance.

Just be very careful

I agree with Kingsley.

Such a company does not exist in Sweden. The Swedish equivalent of limited company is Aktie Bolag often called as AB and every company in Sweden has a specifik identification number just like the personnummer of a person. So one can easily see that this company has nothing to do with anything inside Sweden other than possibly corporate with a Swedish company, if that is the case then you should find out the name of that company and come back to us, and do not pay a penny until then.

Thanks for your response!
I asked for the Swedish ID of the company and the person has given me 11821394. I tried to find this ID on internet. Can you comment whether it is legitimate or not?

Thanks in advance.

Also the link given to me: … y/11821394


The number is their British company registration number which has nothing to do with Sweden. I am not saying that the company is a bluff because I don't know it yet with these limited info, but since they have nothing registered in Sweden the tenant would not be covered under the Swedish law concerning renting, even if the company is 100% legal else where.

And answer to your question is this legitimate service or not in Sweden is No it is not, because this is not a Swedish company. And I will look at the link when the moderation team will allow it through if they will allow it through.  Cheers!