Finding apartments in Gothenburg or out of season holiday houses

Hi everyone,I need to find an apartment to rent in Gothenburg from April next year. No idea how to go about finding one. Any suggestions? And what's the probable range of prices for a two bed apartment in Gothenburg?

Also, does anyone know whether it is possible to find apartments or holiday houses out of season (but in or very near Gothenburg) that one can rent for only one week a month? Most of the holiday houses I have see are too far away from Gothenburg.

Really grateful for any useful contacts or advice on either of these.

Are you looking for a room or apartment?


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your message. I actually have found somewhere for the full weeks I need to be in Goteborg, at least until the summer. I am also going to be over for quite a few weekends too (visiting my little daughter who has just moved to Goteborg), in case you know of somewhere/someone who might have a room I could stay for those weekends.



hello guys. I am also looking for a small apartment in Gothenburg for my studies which start this September. I am also thinking of the idea of swaping a small apartment (!!) with someone there that would like to visit Greece for a change.
  However does anyone know how to look for a decent small apartment for two in Gothenburg?