Currently Working with Expired work visa in Saudi Arabia

Dear All,
I will be really glad if some one could help me in my situation, which is very critical.

I came to Saudi on work visa (of engineer) issued be the company 4 months ago (5th month is currently going on). The company should have made my iqama uptill now but it hasn't. Now, my work visa is expired.

Even worse thing is, its the second month going on since the visa expired.
Can some one tell me:

1) What are the penalties one faces if one does not posses the iqama as if in my situation.
As per my info, there are some additional fees incurred for iqama after the visa expiry. But that is limited to only first two months of expiry. Once the expiry date  enters into the third month, i think thats the time to say good bye.
I think there is a three month grace period after the visa expiry date. Correct me if i am wrong. 

2) Also, Please tell me if the company still does not make my iqama/is trying to delay the process, what can i do on my behalf? Can i apply on my own for my iqama? Or even if its the company has to apply, whats the major part i can do for the iqama application on my own,  to leave up to to the company admin, the minimum?  Company Admin is very very lazy and is applying a lot of delaying techniques at each and every step, which is beyond my understanding.

Any help or guidance for next steps (fees, paper work etc) will be much appreciated.

P.s Uptill now my medical is done,  got registered with SCE council, insurance done (that what the admin told me but i dont know how to check that online though).

is there any news on this? same problem here

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