Surf skiing in Grand Baie area

Hi - i have recently moved to Bain Boeuf and bought a surf ski. I have done a few training paddles to Coin de Mire and back but it would be nice to have some company.  Anyone out there keen to join me?

Hey Stephan

I'll hit you up as soon as I pick up a ski (I haven't been living here very long)

I used to paddle a lot when I was at varsity (mainly in False Bay) and am keen to take it up again.

If you can advise a good place to purchase a decent second hand surfski it will be much appreciated.


Hi Shaun

I bought my ski off a guy called Dominic Henry in the west of the island (JPH Boathouse). He had it delivered to Grand Baie (Merville hotel boat house). He has hundreds of skis, which mostly get used once a year for the international race in June. tel no 57293636, dhenry.jphboathouse[at] 

Prices as far as I understand (you need to confirm, also depends on age of ski):

1.    V10 – performance (has high deck and is old model, standard fibreglass = 18kg?, RSA build) at  Mur 25,000 instead of 65,000
2.    V10L – performance (fibre glass vacuum = 15kg, Chinese build) at Mur 50,000
3.    V12 – Value (standard fibre glass = 18kg, Chinese build) at Mur 30,000

1.    Swordfish – (standard fibre glass = 18 kg) at Mur 56,000
2.    X10 – (standard fibreglass = 18kg) at Mur 45,000
3.    Blue Fin Elite - (fibre glass vacuum (?) = 15kg) at Mur 56,000
4.    XT elite (standard fibreglass = 18kg) at Mur 45,000   

I went for bog standard Epic V12, as I am not racing and need to resell in 4 months time (although I would have preferred to have stuck with Fenn).

Good luck

Let me know how you get on (and tell Dominic I referred you)


Thanks for the great advice. Will give him a call later in the week.


Also fairly new here and haven't been able to find anyone selling skis, well not in the North atleast. Stefan let me know if you're selling yours, I réalisé I'm late to this post but also works out about the time you said you were looking to sell.

Otherwise will give Dominic a call.


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