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thanks phipiemar for reply. no accuutly i dont apply to diffirent card same time.she came here june 2017 and that i  amd mine xhildren not was belge. that why she obtain temporary card A. AFTER GET BELGE Natainailty i go commune first time for demand F  card then person on window show my file on computer he said she just need on birth certificate of minor child. and you wait 3 month. today i go commune with oppoinment which one police inspector give then  person working on window  see file yold us your wife A card is expired 15 October uou come few days before expiry.and take orange card then after one month 27 november will take F card. this is all situations. i confuse.please explane me clearly. thanks a lot friend

yossupaga :

Is there anyone who switched from A card to B card via "automatic process"?
When you apply for the new A card, they approve B card automatically after 5th year.
This is what they say. Is there anyone who experienced that?

I asked my gemente in Gent last week and they said the same thing: they will not ask for card B, but it's up to Brussels decision whether they automatically update my card from A to B or not. This is getting very confusing.

Further, in the meantime I am applying for Single Permit for Unlimited Period. The Single Permit is a combined work and residence permit. Anybody knows if my application for the SP is granted, my ID card will be automatically updated or not?

As I understand SP for unlimited duration is Type B card now.

Its my understanding.

What are the conditions to keep B card once granted? Say, if you leave Belgium and start to live in another country, can you keep/renew your B card just in case of returning back to Belgium some day?

Thanks all for these clarification.

I plan to ask for my permanent resident card next year and I am following the special tax regime (named also non-resident tax regime).
Would this be a blocking point for my request of permanent residence permit? (asking for permanent residence while I am following non-resident tax regime).

Should I ask my employer to stop my special taxe regime ?

I heart about some colleagues who did that as a precaution.

Thank you in advance.

No, being on special tax regime is not a blocker for permanant residence.

Hello, I have live in Switzerland for 2 years and was out of EU for 18 months and then in Belgium for 3 years. Will i be eligible for permanent resident card?

Below is the extract from some of the sites i browsed but wanted to check if someone has applied and received approval?

***If you hold a Belgian Blue card, you will also be eligible for long-term residence after five years of uninterrupted stay in Belgium and be able to obtain the D card as above. However, if you have lived in other EU member states on the basis of a Blue Card, these years can also be taken into account for the calculation of the five-year period, as long as you spent the two years preceding the application in Belgium.

I think no. your 5 year will be counted from your entry to Belgium. You may consult your townhall for an official answer.

Always 5 years of stay before getting permanent residentship.

Except for minor children, if one of the parent become Belgian AND the child lives in Belgium AND the parent who became Belgian got the authority on the child.
==> the child would become Belgian too (there're few other complicated cases with minor children, but that's not the topic here).

How to apply for type B card? My commune says they are no more authorized to send type B or permanent residence application to Brussels. That I should contact the ministry directly. What should I do?

Also, If I have completed 5 years officially (as per the start date of the first RP) Am i eligible even if my current RP is valid for next 2 years (Single permit).?

Please revert. Thanks

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