Long term resident card - Type B card

Igor Yavorskiy :

Hello. My situation is just the same. My current residence card is expiring in July 2018 but my 5 years legal stay in Belgium is over. I just asked my Gemente to send an application to Brussels for this card B and in two weeks time received an approval. They requested no any documents as they have everything in their database. Much too easy. But the conditions are that you have to stay and legally work in Belgium for not less than so many days during this 5 years term. Then it goes almost automatically.

Does that mean you didn't have to wait to the expiration of your A card before applying for B one? When I came to Deurne commune, they insisted that even though I am eligible for B card, it can only be requested when the existing A one is expired.

I wonder how you convinced the staff to send your application to Brussels?

James chad :

After completing 5 yr I applied my B card in commune, within 4 weeks I got the approval and I got my card, whole process took 35 days. Just wanted to share this information with others who are looking for insight.

Did you have to wait to the expiration of your A card before applying for B one?

Applying for 5-year cards depends on the employer? ( Belgian employer or works on an assignment here)

After having gone through all the paperwork, I am giving answer to myself. Yes, it is able to apply for residence permit B as soon as 5-year working criteria is met no matter current A permit is still valid or not.

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