Long term resident card - Type B card

Hello All,

As of 30.03.2017,  I have completed 5 years of stay in Belgium. this was also confirmed by the commune.

However my current resident card does not expire until 09.1.2018

could you kindly let me know how I can request for a long term resident card ? (B-card)
or should i wait until the renewal of the next resident card ?

You can already lodge the application.

Thanks for the response.

I will go check in the commune again. Last week I was there and they told me that the Ministry would issue it automatically when I apply for my next resident card. Maybe its good to make an appointment again at the commune.

Thanks for the feedback and will keep you all updated on the progress

What my commune told me is that you can apply, ministry will take some time to decide. I contacted the ministry after say 4 months, they said file is there in ministry, but card will get issued when my current RP expires. So may be your commune suggests you to apply during next renewal, just because the card will anyway be issued at expiry of current RP (just my thought).

But it is good to speak to them again and clarify this point.

I have applied for the F+. I also have more than 5 years but the B card was not offered to me just the F+. My commune is a country commune so maybe not in the know... And I'm still waiting for it. I guess because I renewed my F card they will wait until it expires to offer the F+.

Yes when the 6th RP is requested as part of continuation of stay, you will get it automatically assuming there are no gaps in your stay in the past 5 years. If so, nothing for you to do now, just wait and you'll get it. One cannot 'apply' for a PR card B it is generally given once the 5 years are completed.

solexhonda :

Yes when the 6th RP is requested as part of continuation of stay, you will get it automatically assuming there are no gaps in your stay in the past 5 years. If so, nothing for you to do now, just wait and you'll get it. One cannot 'apply' for a PR card B it is generally given once the 5 years are completed.

That changed. You don't get it automatically now. You need to lodge an official application showing your 5 work permits.

Oh, didnt know that. Thanks for the update Aneesh.

To obtain the long-term residence permit, it is necessary to apply at the local municipal offices that will refer the application onto the Immigration Office.

I am living here since 2012 and I was expecting this year that I will receive the card B automatically. I have even asked for it when i was in the commune. i had my all work permits ready, but nobody asked for it.
and  at the end I received again card A, and I have no idea why?
Any similar experience?

Visit the commune again, show your 5 work permits and tell them you want to apply for a 5 year card.

Hello. My situation is just the same. My current residence card is expiring in July 2018 but my 5 years legal stay in Belgium is over. I just asked my Gemente to send an application to Brussels for this card B and in two weeks time received an approval. They requested no any documents as they have everything in their database. Much too easy. But the conditions are that you have to stay and legally work in Belgium for not less than so many days during this 5 years term. Then it goes almost automatically.

Yes as per some new rules after 5 years you now have to request for it. Earlier it used to be that one would automatically get RP B when the 6th WP was approved and you applied for the consequent RP. So basically you now have to go and request it manually.

but is it necessary to wait that the current card A expires (mine expires in August 2018) or I can apply earlier (now)?
I have completed a legal 5 year stay in Belgium in July this year and I asked my commune (BXL 1000) for the information but no answer of course.
And what I still dont understand, I have requested a card B this June when I was renewing the residence and still I received a card A. Very annoying!

They count your legal stay not from your actual  arrival to Belgium but from the day you received your first residence card which is normally a month or so later.  If your actual stay in Belgium expires in July, then most likely you received your first card somewhere in September so that you can't apply for card B earlier.

yes, i understood that. my fist ID card is dated 15/08/2012 so actually this august I reached 5  year benchmark.
but I had to apply for the extension somewhere in june (45 days before the expiration) and then i have already demanded card B. And as I told, I received A.
So i am wondering since now this 5 year period is completed can I apply  for a card B now, or I have to wait that my card A expires 15/08 2018 and then apply for B type.
Of course I asked all that in my commune but they ignored me :)

The process is a bit weird but yes you first get the A card and then you immediately apply for the B card. It dosent make sense but thats the way it is. So basically now that you got ure last A card go and apply for the B card. You dont have to wait for it to expire to apply for the B card so go soon.


I have applied my Residence card B a week back in Antwerp deurne commune. Someone know how much time it takes to get the approval response from commune? Anyone have any recent experience?How they notify me that it's approved?

My commune says you cant apply for it - it may be granted as discretionary power. We can only apply for card D . Please advise on new rules ? where are they stated ?

My gemente - Leuven insists that Card B after 5 years cant be requested. It is solely under the discretion of the Ministry . To qualify you must have BEEN on CARD A for 5 years (note that time starts from date of first issue of card A and not when you got you WP).

If they dont convert A to B after 5 years, you may apply for card D.

Can you please tell me about new rules to request B ?

I don't think your commune is giving you correct information. Their job is to apply the card for you and ministry have to take decision whether you are eligible or not. I am not sure what you should do now but getting a lawyer's help is not a bad idea.

After completing 5 yr I applied my B card in commune, within 4 weeks I got the approval and I got my card, whole process took 35 days. Just wanted to share this information with others who are looking for insight.

Hi all,

I am a non-EU citizen and I finished my PhD two months ago after it lasted 5 years. In the first four years I got paid via a scholarship and in my last year, my contract was changed from scholarship to hosting agreement, that is, I started to pay tax. However, it was not a work permit. Now, I have been working for a bank for three months. My question is whether I am eligible to apply D type residence? Do the spent PhD years count for this type of visa?

Thanks in advance!

Hello mlee82, All these years, you were registered in the same townhall/geemente ? If so, consult the foreigners desk in your townhall and see what they suggest.

Thanks aneeshks!

I will be completing my 5 years in Belgium in Jan 2018, as I understand I will be getting resident card type B from commune.

My questions are,
1. once after getting resident card type B, do I need work permit separately?
2. Will there be any tax benefits (like expat) for resident card type B

1. No. Once you have the b card, you don’t need work permit anymore.
2. Nothing changes in a normal scenario. Do you work for a Belgian employer or are you on an assignment here ?

Thanks for your answer.

I was on an assignment till now, my company(service based company) is transferring me(base hire) to Belgium branch.

It is upto your company to request for special tax regime. In my knowledge, a person who is already in Belgium and moving to a Belgian firm, is not eligible for special tax regime.

Hi All,

I have completed 5 years as a resident without any gap in Belgium (from the date of my 1st RP 31/10/2012 to 30/10/2017) . In november I applied for B card while my WP is in process. unfortunately it took more than 2 1/2 months.

Meanwhile my B card application got rejected stating no valid WP, and given order to leave the country in Jan 3rd week as my existing RP was expired on 22 Dec 2017.

I received my new WP on 7th Feb  (valid from Jan-19th to Nov-2018) and my company requested the Ministry to revoke the order. But the Ministry refused to revoke the order, suggested two options :
1. Appeal in the court through lawyer
2. Go back to your home country and re-enter (D type VISA)

So, In case if I take option-2,  am I eligible to apply for B card after re-entry or have to wait for another 5 years?

Could you please let me know if any had similar experience or suggestions on this.

I need some clarification about how long to stay in Belgium before requesting for PR. I moved into Belgium in Sept 2012 to study and I got a job in November 2013. Can I apply for PR 5 years now or I must have also worked for 5 years? Thank you

In my knowledge you must be working for 5 years. Do check with your local townhall. Present your situation and ask them are you eligible to apply. They can immediately tell you.

I came to Belgium for work since July 2015 and I am following special tax regim for (RSI in French).

My question is about following the special tax regime when requesting the permanent Residence card..

Some friends told me that i must follow normal tax regime one year before asking for permanent residency card otherwise the authorities will reject my request because I should not follow non-resident tax regime to be eligible to get permanent RP.
Does someone have similar experience?

Could you please confirm that it is true?

Thank you

Your friends have the wrong info.

Thank you for your reply.

So, no need to change my tax regime and i can apply for permanent RP when having 5 years living in Belgium with no risk.


Hello Dear-

I changed my job this year and have a new work permit by the new employer; since my last work permit was valid while raising the new one, the agency took my old n valid work permit as per request from Belgian authority; now I don’t have the old work permit with me but a soft copy only;

How can I show the 5 work permit after five years;

Please suggest

You just need photocopies of old 5 work permits.

Hello All ,

Last week I got type B Resident card from commune, how to apply for Type D card  ? Do I need to submit any documents for it  ?

Thanks in advance.

Check with the commune  ? :)

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