Salary comparison between Belgium/Germany/UK

Hi all,

I'm trying to relocate elsewhere in Europe and I got a possible offer from a company based in Brussels. I should discuss shortly about my salary request and I'm finding difficult, in order to be not out of scale, what can be requested. Figure is IT Architect. In Germany I'm dealing for somewhat around 64-70k/year gross. In the UK (London area) is 75-80Gbp/gross ...and what about for Brussels? can the same request for Germany be used in Belgium or there is too much difference?
I understand that there are a lot of differences and variables so the answer might not be so easy, but I'm trying just to get a starting point.



Giving a wage estimate is always a difficult exercise given the amount of parameters involved.

You should expect an average annual salary of 70K €. Since the tax system varies between countries, the annual net wage may change to a greater or lesser extent. However, I would say that in Belgium the worker is better protected at the social level.

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