is 3100euri(gross) good for a family of two!!! Pls comment.

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Thanks for your time to help me.
I come under non resident status from non EU country,
I got an offer from belgium  company, 3100Euro gross/ month.
Other benefits : Free relocation from my country + 13 month salary + 110euro permonth (meals) + shift allowance( if i work in late shifts i.e, max 100 to 400 euro net per month.
Its in Leuven, may be i can manage with 800 Euro for rent +bills (water,light)

Is this really good package for me & my wife( not working)??

I will be grateful , if you can answer please.

Absolutely!!! You have more than two minimum belgian salaries (basis salary about 1400€)!!! And with all others avantages, you are very lucky!!!

3100 gross >> less than 2000 net (after taxes, social security, etc) plus your other benefits. I have no much idea about living costs in Leuven, as I live in Brussels. Still, in 800 EUR I think you can get a 1 bed accommodation there. … 11#2941372  In this thread you can see the other costs (food, etc). Rest is math :)

3100 gross per month
no children
spouse NOT working

= 2150.65 NET

X 13 = 27958.45

/ 12 = 2329.86 NET over 12 month.

I'd say €2329.86 plus your €110 meal cheques and also any shift disturbance money of say another €200 NET, you  could be pulling in €2639.86 per month over 12 months.

Now that is indeed about 2 times the average net income in Belgium. Steffifi is exactly right.

However setting rent to €800 per month would be wise, you could be in a position to save around €1000 per month.

800 euro in Leuven would get you 80-100m2, that would be 1-3 bedrooms.

Here is a very accurate calculator from gross to net. … -brut-net/

Cool, I never knew about the partena calculator :) it is a very good tool. Thanks !

So Karthik, seems the salary will be fine for you as per the tool based net salary and rest of the calculations. Good luck !

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Hi aneesh,

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I would say a VERY good salary.
The calculation someone gave you is good for the first year you will be working, however the 2nd year you will also get paid vacation, that means you get 4 weeks off, your monthly salary will be paid in full and you get an extra 4 weeks pay on top of that (minus a bunch of taxes that are deducted but you will still be able to have a nice trip paid by your employer).

Under EU rules, you can get paid holiday in your first year, as is common in other EU countries (pro-rata). Unfortunately, in the Belgian implementation, you can only 'borrow' paid holiday from your next year's allowance, but this can still be useful. This 'borrowing' is often called 'European Vacation' by Belgians, although I think the correct term is Aanvullende Vakantie/Vacances Supplémentaires.

It depends on how is your life style. For a normal style it would be ok and you may have a small saving.
If you would like to enjoy with lots of traveling, buying expensive wearing, living goods, ... it would not be enough.

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