Living in Belgium with Gross salary 4000 Euro

Hi Everyone,
      I got a job offer from a company in Brussels. They offered me gross €4000.Also, they send me net salary calculation. If I moved with my family, my salary is going to be €2704. If I moved without my family, my salary is going to be €2362.
And they are planning to give me €4750 relocation support.

I am married and we have 3 years old boy. Will it be enough for us?
What should I do?
If I am going to ask for salary increase a little, how can I negotiate? What do you advice?

This very same post comes up several times a month. Go read all the other exact same questions.

The answer is a family of 2 adults and 1 child is expected to live on 1300 euro per month as a survival income. Your family will therefore be exceptionally fortunate.

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