Salary in Belgium

I would like to know what is the average salary for an IT Embedded Software Development professional with 10 years of work experience with a MS degree in Computer Engineering.

I am trying to negotiate salary with an US based embedded software development company located in Belgium.

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Maybe I could be of assistance, provided your situation is still applicable today. Write me a PM and we can get into the details.

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I just received a proposal of 2000euros netto/month for a job in Brussels for Software Tester engineer from a consultancy agency .What do you think about this ?Is this ok for living there in Brussels?How is life there?

My husband has been working in Brussels for the past 2-3 years and we find everything very expensive.

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So you think is a low salary for Brussels?


Firstly, I do not know a lot about your domain. Given that you have 10 years of work-ex, you might like to renegotiate.

However, a few things might help you decide about your stay here.

1. Living expenses should be about 1000 euro a month, if you are single. Assuming 400-600 euro for an apartment rent.
2. Belgium salary is paid for 14 months (and not 12) in a year. So you get double the salary in June and December as vacation pay
3. You might get a car (depends upon your contract) from your employer, as this is a common practice here in Belgium since the taxes are high and this is a common way of compensating the employees
4. Finally, I do not know how you computed your 2000 net (after taxes I assume). You might get benefit of expat status, which will reduce your tax liabilities. But you will need to discuss this with your employer

Hi, I'm presently applying for a job in Brussels at the european block. In one of the interviews I was invited to, I returned with   double impressions:
First: A 5min taxi trip from the airport to the european block did cost me over €30!!! I felt it VERY expensive!
One the other way, I found very nice appartments (1bed) upon €400 what I consider very acceptable.
Grosseries are practicaly on the same level as other european cities.
I found the restaurants very expensive but... I think no one intents to eat at the restaurant each day.
Take in consideration that belgiums minimum salary is already more than €1250.



I received an offer for the following position: technical consultant from a Belgian company.  The job implies to coordinate a production move from Belgium to the Far East. So 1/3 of the time I should be on the road and away from home, I should coordinate the move, keep in touch with both parties: Belgian and the one in the Far East, process line improvements, process improvements etc. The company is in Electronic Assembly business. The offer is of 2150 Eu/net/month plus the lunch vouchers, aprox 110Eu/month.
What do you think about the offer considering the responsibilities and the traveling? Is that a 'fair' offer? I should live in Brussels.


How about transportation allowance? My company will offer it to our staff.


I work as an Senior Web Developer(Coldfusion) in India. I was offered a salary of 2700EUR(gross)/month and a net daily representation allowance of 8EUR and gross daily meal tickets of 6 EUR with Group insurance and Hospitalization insurance.
I should live in Brussels.

Is this is a good offer? :o
Pls advice...


I was offered a salary of 4200E uro/month gross ( around 61000Euro/year including bonus). How much would be my net take hme salary?

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Ask for expat taxation benefit from your employer as you are from India and not from Belgium. That wasy you will get higher take-home. You will take home about 3000 euros +/- 200 Euros.

Can any one specify how much does a R&D software engineer earn in Brussels? Range would be fine.

Experience : 6 years
Qualification : Masters in Sweden university

Karthi, bewteen 70000 - 90000 euros gross a year. It is a good salary. Plus company car and free fuel within Belgium and maybe lunch tickets.

I need to determine what salary I should be asking for to work for IT/Engineering firms. Previously, living in super expensive Dublin I earned 55k euro. I was able to rent a nice place, dine out and enjoy drinks a few nights a week and save around 10k euro over a year. What do I need to ask for in order to have a similar quality of life in Brussels? I am in my early 30s, single, no kids.


Let me know how Much gross salary i can expect
Qualification : phd, chemical engineering
Total research experience: 5 years
Job: process engineer in r & d
Location : brussels

Hi Friends,

I am currently working as a software engineer with 2 years experience in a reputed firm in India. My skillset involves Linux /Unix,Oracle,SQL and ITIL. Recently got an opportunity in Brussels to work in a 24*7 support project at a yearly gross salary of 37,886 Euro (tax-free allowances not included).Also been told that shift allowance of 70 Euro per night shift is also there.

But I am in a confused state of mind as whether to accept or decline the offer? And even if I need to negotiate with the employer then I need you people to help me out on what basis or points/conditions I should be in a position to negotiate or what all i can ask ?

Qualification - Btech
Experience - 2+

Need your valuable suggestions.


Hello All,

Need a help badly. I am getting an offer of 4000 Euros gross + meal coupons + internet/mobile + (i dont remember). My profile is that of Sharepoint specialist with 8 years of experience. What is good salary to negotiate with them with my skill set and experience. Would the above package be good enough for comfortable living and do saving as well.

Kindly let me know your thoughts.


ssm225, your proposed salary is more than what I get to live on supporting 4 children and I'm not poor by any standards.

Thanks for replying.

But, I am bit concerned with the house rent and other household expenses, children education, taxes etc.
What is the salary payment structure, I heard they pay a 13th Month salary. Is that included in the Gross as they have mentioned the gross on a monthly basis? What about hospitalization cost if any?


not usually included in quoted gross, you need to ask your employer that.

Education is free here, ok not totally free, in the French system, allow 200 euro a year in maternelle, 500 euro a year in primaire, for things you have to pay for.

House rent is as much as you want to spend, but I wouldn't go higher than 1/3 of net monthly income.

Hello all,

Today, while I was discussing with a belgian employer a few specific details regarding an engineering position in Brussels, I was asked what is my salary expectation. I said I have to think about it as haven't had the chance to get an idea on the cost of living in Brussels.
How much does a mechanical engineer earn in Brussels ?

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Hello everyone,

I applied for a job in Brussels (position described as Online Community Manager) and among other preliminary questions they asked in the replying email was my salary expectations. I live in Greece so I have no idea about life in Brussels, rent costs, taxes etc... What is considered as an average salary there? (I do not want to ask for too much, as this is a sure way to lose the job, but I also don't want to ask for less than I should and then not be able to actually support myself).

Thank you

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You might find the appropriate information on this post. For further question I invite you to start a new discussion on forum Brussels for better visibility.

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Hello all,
Anyone knows about the monthly salary in Belgium as a MSc acoustic engineer with 1.5 year experience in Sweden?


hey any guys or gals from Sony Products & Service center, Brussells. Belgium
if any one of you is working or associated with any Sony employees, i would like to know about the salary package in Sony Belgium for any Indian ... one of my friend is saying that his salary will be about € 4800 ... is this true or he is just faking it


anybody from Sony Belgium please reply me to mr.egotude[at] or rr.chudasama[at] ... please anyone related to or working in Sony Belgium please its a humble request


Hi everybody!

I'm a Pattern Maker with more then 20 Years of experience. Recently a Company from Belgium offer me a position and they gonna pay a 75K Year salary plus beneficts. For you, who live and work in Belgium, this is a good salary, for my professional skills and expertise?
Consider also that I´m going with my two kids and wife.
Thank you

Hi everyone!

I am a researcher and I am considering moving to Brussels. I would like to know which is the average salary for a "Scientist" position. I finished my PhD studies in 2007. Thanks.

Given it's a year since anyone replied to these "how much can you earn as X"? questions, perhaps it's worth asking potential employers than here?

The average Belgian net salary is less than 2k per month, so if you're a single person and getting anything higher, than your lucky stars. Times are hard. I'm not meaning to be rude, just realistic.

Ok, thanks for your answer. I am new in this blog, problably it's not the right blog to address this question.

Hello everyone!

I am planning to apply for a 3-year postdoc research grant from the Flemish research foundation FWO. According to the FWO regulations "the salary scale of Postdoctoral Researcher is the salary scale of PhD Assistant according to the Decree of the Flemish Government of 4 May 2001 (Belgian Law Gazette 9/1/2002)", but there is no reference at all on the actual amount of money the fellowship provides.

Could anyone help me please??

Thank you in advance!

Hello Tkark,

Maybe you can ask the people from Belgium at the Euroaxess web

Good luck!


I will check it! Thank you very much serendipity10!:):):)

Hi every one happy New Year!

I graduated from university in Portugal 2 years ago and after that I was researcher for two year at university. recently I found a job in Brussels and they asked me about salary; but I don't know what is the average salary in Belgium. I would be grateful if anyone could help me about that.

Job title: R&D Engineer (about computer vision and image processing)
My job experience: 2 years image processing and computer vision researcher
My degree: Master in electrical and computer engineering
Status: married (without child)

I should relocate to Belgium and I heard Brussels is expensive city.

Thank you

Also something else to put in prospective. My partner gets 2600 a month as a starting programmer after spending 6 years in university batchular masters. However he pays 1000 in taxes

Hello to everyone,

lately i passed an interview and it has been asked the same story with the desirable salary...
we were discussing about a civil engineer opening with few years of experience and a master's degree.
the thing here is that i avoided the question referring the lack of knowledge on tax system.
Could anyone tell me which would have been a good answer? What should i expect in the end?



About the salary, keep in mind that, the tax system will take you almost 40%, for an apartment (1 room) is hallways above 600, and everything is more expensive that in Portugal.
The mobility is better, almost everywhere is covered by train, tram, metro or bus.
Eu vivo ca ha pouco mais de 1 ano com a familia, e em relacao ao salario nao ha muita diferenca tomando em consideracao Portugal 2010, mas para a actualidade sim, ha bastante diferenca, para nao contar com a seguranca em termos profissionais
O tempo geralmente nao ajuda muito a praia esta a mais de 100 kms, viver dentro de bruxelas e caro, mas viver fora nao e pratico (mas o mesmo acontece em Lisboa).
As saudades sao muitas e as viagens caras. Mas fica sempre muito bem no CV uma experiencia internacional.
Na area de TI (eu tambem trabalho nela), o Ingles deve chegar mas para outro tipo de trabalho normalmente frances ou holandes sao requeridos.


i´m a welding engineer, i have a offer of 3000€ net, is there enough??

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