Shipping boxes with personal items to Europe

I need to ship boxes with personal items (mostly clothes) back to Europe.

DHL is the shipping company that comes to mind, but are there any other shipping companies that provide the same level of service at a cheaper price?

Apparently I need to declare each item with its price on the form even when it are used clothes more than 2 years old, oh boy!!!

I was told that if the total value exceeds Rs 2000, you will need to pay customs a fixed fee of Rs 805.

Where can I buy normal cardboard moving boxes?

Any advice is welcome!!!


Besides DHL, there are Fedex, UPS, PAS (Mauritius) Ltd and also the regular postal companies like Mauritius Post and Chronopost...each with their terms & conditions and prices.

You can get boxes at some of these agencies for a fee or if you want you can buy them elsewhere like at Dakri Cartons

Hi, how are you doing?, you can try the EMS services from the Post-Office, it is a good service same as DHL but more cheaper. You can find informations in any post-Office. Regarding the cartons, you can find them at Dakri Carton

Petit Verger Road, Petite Riviere, Mauritius
Phone:     +230 233 5880 / 5876 / 5872
Fax:     +230 233 6992

Hope this informations would be useful for you


Courier service will be expensive.
Better you arrange sea freight through an agent.
Please contact Ms. Hanna on xxx
As I know, she handles a lot of expats personal shipping.
Check her company website: xxx

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Do you have any idea of the weight / dimensions of your package?  If it is going to be large/heavy, you might want to check with the airlines for air freight or one of the shipping companies e.g AGS Fraser

Hi does , Could please tell me if AGS based in UK?

Yes there is a base here in UK.  I am going to request a quote and find out more.

I live in UK, could you please tell me the contact details. Thanks :)

hi Kress, … dom/london

I have had a call back and unfortunately they have told me their quotes are all based on the volume of effects I wish to ship, and they would not be able to give me a competitive rate for such a small move, as i only have 4 large boxes.  I think they would require a room as minimum.

Get in touch they reply very quick.

If anyone knows of a shipping agent that does small volumes and small personal effects please let me know.


Hi, thanks for letting me know ,i need to send few small boxes too .
i'll have to do some more research. if i find something i will let you know .

Can you find removal agents who take part load - i.e. you share a container with other people?

All the companies that I work with do part load (called groupage). Ensure that you insure your goods and in case  that your TV gets unloaded elsewhere whilst you are stuck with the other guy’s BBQ set!

Hello there, do you know any  shipping company in UK ?
I need to ship few small boxes  roughly 20 kg from UK to Mauritius.

Thanks  :)

baggage hum is good i think ill be using these myself.

hi Sammy do you have a link for this company and where do they based ?

They are based in Iver, Bucks

Thank you sooo much Sammy

I have the same process ahead.. I really appriciate if you could advise how you managed this issue?
Many thanks!

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