Moving to Mauritius with your pet

Moving to Mauritius with your pet
Updated 2021-01-04 06:13

Non-resident pet owners need to seek approval for Residence Permit before bringing their pet to Mauritius. Once the permit is obtained, the following procedures need to be followed for pet relocation.


As a first step, pet owners need to seek approval from the Mauritius Veterinary Committee, which is usually granted within 15 days. Nevertheless, this approval is not the same as the actual approved permit for pet relocation. The veterinarian will perform a blood test on your pet to check for antibodies/rabies level within 30 days of the vaccination, and a sterilization certificate will be also issued.

Your pet will undergo another blood test to detect the presence of ehrlichiosis and brucellosis, 45 days before arriving to Mauritius. A certificate of good health will be issued 3-4 days before the departure day. This document must be validated by departmental veterinary services. Make sure to bring all the papers for your pet when leaving to Mauritius.

Obtaining an import permit

Once the veterinary results are obtained, you can proceed to apply for the import permit with the Mauritian Veterinary Services in Reduit. The approval process usually takes 2 working days, and the processing fee is Rs. 1,000.

You will need to provide all the details about your pet's arrival (date, time, flight number) to the veterinary authorities in Reduit at least 2-3 days before arrival. Upon arrival, your pet will be taken in at the airport in your presence. Please note that you'll need to present all the official/original documents at this point. In case of not being able to present these documents, your pet will be either sent back to your country of origin or be euthanized.


Pets from Europe are placed into quarantine for 5 days, during which you are allowed to visit them twice a day.

At the end of the quarantine, you must register your pet with the MSAW in Rose Hill (Rs. 500). A proof of payment also needs to be submitted to Reduit. You can then proceed with the payment of the quarantine period of your pet (Rs. 15 per day). Once the payment is completed and the registration is finalized with the MSAW, you will be able to pick up your pet and take it home.

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