South Africa shipping costs

Hi all

We are moving to Mauritius in a couple of weeks time, we got quotes from a number of companies of which seemed pretty expensive, could someone give me an indication of what I should expect to pay should I ship my goods to Mauritius from South Africa.

Some help would be appreciated.

Hi Lyle, the quotes we have received are about R110,000.00 for a 12m container, excluding a whole lot of fees that will be calculated at destination :(

Not sure how that compares with the ones you've received?

What size container are you looking at taking? And are you shipping a car, or just your household effects?

Hey Lyle. We just moved from Jhb to Mauritius last week. Get hold of me on what's app on xxx. I can give you some advice on the container.

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Hi Elaine, would you mind if I got in touch as well? I'd love some advice regarding the move, it seems very daunting at the moment :)

Hi Elaine. We are also planning on relocating to Mauritius. Could you let me know who you utilised. Thanks

I also need to choose someone to move us from CT to MU in Feb next year ?
Help please

A fantastic company called Incotrance. They are based in Jhb.

Give Incotrance a call they are fantastic.

Hi Elaine, we are looking into shipping some stuff over from SA to Mru. Would you be able to give me some info regarding costs etc from your experience? Thanks so much.

Kind Regards

Do you require full container or part
Plse specify in reply to megatrans at intnet dot mu

I am also in the process and would love any info.

Hi Elaine. Compliments of the season to you.  I have googled Incotrance, but cannot find their details. Do you have a website or contact number?


could you help with some info on  sending container from south africa with car and boat.
what is the procedure , and whom can we contact to get all the info once off

Hi Bruce. Send me a contact number and I'll give you a call.


There are several companies that provide such services. I prefer Velogic because they have a solid group behind them and fully recommend their services.

I would love to give you the contact details of their Manager of Sea Operations but will refrain to do so as this seems to be against the rules.

PM me if you wish or just contact them directly.


Thanks you if you could give me their details.
I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Bruce,
I've PM you his details.


I also need a price for a 6m Container with Furniture from South Africa(Brakpan) to Mauritius.

Please e-mail-***



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Hello Johan,

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@Cara Kahn

Hi Kara,Can you please tell me which furniture  Removals did you use for your furniture and how did you find them ,as I will be moving to Mauritius in February Thanks Talia

Quote we got recently is R113k for FCL from Jhb to Mau.

@Tracey08 me too please and thanks

@Lyle M did you get citizenship cos I am not sure how to get it

@Lyle M

Hi Lyle

It is expensive. I have just arrived in Mauritius and it cost 34 K to ship 17 boxes (40 cubic metres) from Jbh. Used Brytons - good service.

@ElaineO Hi Elaine, Can you please advise me on a suitable Removals Company to use would like to leave Capetown to Mauritius and also advise on extra costs ,

Traveling with two small puppies who can I contact in Capetown and Mauritius.

Thanks Kim

@kmoreira0308 did you get a response here? Also moving with pups :)

Hey guys, any peeps relocating this year or have reloacted please drop me an invite ... we planning on moving to Maur and would love to get as much advice as possible :)

thank you so much. family of 5 and TRYING to move with pets ...but it is REEALLY expensive :(