How to transport an e-bike battery?

Does anyone here have experience transporting an e-bike battery from Europe to Mauritius?
- Just like that in the moving container?
- On the plane in checked baggage or in hand baggage?
Not sure you'll be allowed to bring it with you in the plane. Is it a lithium battery ?
Yes, it is a lithium battery.
I attempted to ship an eBike from the US to Mauritius.
It got so complicated (because it's considered "dangerous") and expensive (hundreds and hundreds of dollars because there is a ton of paperwork and special handling involved) that I finally had to give up, even though the bike was very expensive.
When I told FedEx that I wanted to ship an eBike the representative immediately told me it wouldn't be worth the effort.

I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think Mauritius will allow the import of an eBike battery.
I vaguely remember reading that somewhere, but I didn't see it in the list of restricted or prohibited import items. … strictions
(If blocks this link, google "Mauritius Revenue Authority Import Restrictions")
It includes "used bicycles and other items that may contain soil remains".
So, you probably can't even bring the bike itself.

There are lots of eBikes available online that purport to ship to Mauritius.  It is unclear if they actually can.
There is a store near Grand Baie that sells eBikes.  Google "Fun Bike Mauritius". 

If you are successful (or even if you're not) please tell the forum the outcome.

I've worked with batteries a lot and there are standards that need to be followed while shipping them.

Not sure if this is valid for Mauritius

Last time I shipped a battery pack overseas, I had to follow the guidelines below:

1. First, the battery pack needs to be at or below 30% SOC(State of charge)
2. All terminals and connectors need to be taped up to avoid accidental shorts
3. Has to be ground/sea shipped.
4. You'll have to fill up additional paperwork and declare them as hazardous goods.

On a plane you can bring individual 18650 type cells up to 10Ah but large battery packs are not allowed.
Many thanks for your help! Another idea: What if you just send it by post? Will this be opened by customs in Mauritius?
A friend of mine is specialized in important batteries, I will ask him if it is possible for an individual to import a lithium battery

@Julien Wow! 1f917.svg Many thanks in advance!

@Novalis1 You MAY NOT transport an Ebike battery on an airplane! It has to go by sea and it has to be transported by a company who has the credentials to do it. There are a number of hoops you have to jump through to get the battery into cargo on a ship. Best to speak to a cargo agent. They will send you the stickers and how to package the battery

@Novalis1 In 2018 I had to ship 2 batteries from my e-bike from Germany to Mauritius. I found a German sea carrier who sent the batteries by ship. I also found a company in Mauritius (CAFS) that handles the formalities when importing goods (this is obligatory). Shipping and formalities took 2 months. Total costs: 990 euros in Germany plus approx. 8,000 MUR in Mauritius.

@sendziwoj Many thanks. Can you send me the name of the German sea carrier, please (maybe as PM)?

@sendziwoj: Many thanks for your support!

@Novalis1 I've been researching batteries recently and found out about unit pack power they have the unitpackpower US site  and the [link moderated]. I live in the US now, but I need to go to France next week, which website do you recommend me to buy from? How do you feel about their batteries?