Exit Visa for Baby born in Saudi Arabia

PM me I will send you a contact number who helped me on this matter for my baby

Give me your imo WhatsApp number I call you.  My number 008801905153181

You will not get answer here.
1. Go to Philippine embassy and get a letter attested evidence that you are the father and your wife don't have any objection for her baby to get travelled.
2. Go to UK embassy (if passport of the baby is available, ensure your name is in passport).
3. Ask your sponsor to provide you exit formality (sponsor your wife or any company who requested your visa to come in saudi arabia).
4. Book your ticket and travel

Good day to all! I just want to ask for help. I?m on my 2nd month probation period and I am planning to resign. Based on the contract that I signed I am allowed to terminate the agreement on a 7 days notice if I am still under 90 days trial period. It also stated that if the contract is terminated under this period the employee is not entitled to any compensation or end of service award, which is totally fine with me. In addition to that, according to the article 54 of Saudi Labor Law no party is entitled to any compensation if the contract is terminated during probationary period. And based on my research, as per article 40 of Saudi Labor Law, if the contract will be terminated by the employee under probation he/she will incur the cost of processing the final exit fee and air fare.

Now my concern is should I trust the contract that I made with the company and the amendment of the Saudi Labor Law or should I prepare myself for any penalties my company might charge me upon my resignation? If in any case they will ask me to pay for penalties, will that include my plane ticket going here, the processing of my iqama and also my visa? Take note that upon entering here I already paid for processing fee and placement fee(which was equivalent to my 1 month salary here in saudi) to my agency back in the Philippines

Thanks for the information. I hope things will be going smoothly for me tomorrow.

Im on the same page. What's your status now?

any updates here regarding the process of exit visa for children who is born here in ksa whose mothers are the one with iqama and father under visit visa.
please help.

Same issue here...


updates on this please

Is it ok if i dont have my last name written in the saudi birth certificate of my baby, planning to take final exit visa of my baby soon. Would there any problem ?

Birth certificate is made in saudi right !! so they will accept it

Is this in Riyadh or Jeddah sir?

Hi po may I know what did you do to acquire exit visa for your baby maam? My husband also not here in KSA

@kaye1987  hello  Kaye did u bring already your baby in the Philippines? Because I have problem like you.. My baby is 2 yr old now and I want to get her final exit in jawazat.. All her papers is complete but my husband is not here in sau di riyadh.. He is final exit since 2020..how can I get exit visa for my baby?!please rply thank u

@kom340  hi a have 2 yr old baby and she has a travel document already.. May problem is.. My husband is not here inn riyadh.. He is final exit.. Can a mother issue a baby exit visa without a father?

I just came back to Philippines with my 3 year old son, the father is in Dubai and I am the only one with iqama. We arrived June 15, 2022 from Tabuk to Jeddah to Manila via Saudia. I went to Jawazat office to acquire the exit visa. They asked for some documents like my iqama copy, passport copy of me and my baby, his recent 2x2 pictures, marriage certificate and my final exit visa copy. Please proceed to nearest Jawazat to inquire for the final exit visa of your children.

@Francis2420 hello can a mother do the same thing because mg husband is not here.. He go final exit.. Can a mother do all that procedure or not? Please rply

@kom340 where can i get travel document?

hi mam, just want to ask regarding exit visa for kids born here in ksa, husband is visit visa, son is born here dec. 2020, im the only one with iqama..
i want my child to go for exit this septmber together with my husband who is visit visa and me going for vacation only..
is it okay to have travel documents only from phil embassy?
he already have a passport but unfortunately it was accidentaly ripped off by my son..
hi mam i sent you a message here in the forum. were on same situation

@Guest123756  sir pa send po number nyo may ask lng po sko regarding exit for the baby

Pm number sir

Hello everyone,

@ Bryan Dimabuyu, please write in english. You are on the anglophone forum.

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Hello everyone.

I have a question regarding the exit visa for my1yrand5months old baby boy here in Saudi Arabia. I'm working in a coffee shop as a barista and my wife is huroob.so I'm the one will bring the baby go to philippine.we have passport and travel documents,i dont know what's the requirements for exit visa for him..Please anyone who experience same my case give me some info so that i know what to do.thanks and good evening.

Good afternoon how I get real passport of my baby,I have only exit passport, my husband are Saudi but he didn't fixit the passport of my child,can u help me what did I do

@kaye1987 hi kaye...give me ur up date about ur baby exit process..i have same issue..what i should do..i really doesnt know..

@ajinkantonyk hi ajin...the payment where we will give...in the airport or jawazat...pls unswer, thank u

i had to face the same issue..I am on permanent visa and my husband on visit visa..I wanted to take baby out of Saudi..he was 6 months when we travel..at the airport they asked only his birth certificate,passport and boarding pass..nothing else..for your kind information I travelled through dammam airport.

anyone experienced "insufficient fund" when issuing final exit visa for baby? we already paid 1200 sr

@kom340 Hi Good evening sir,last February 12 i take an exit visa to my 10months old baby and im going for exit and re -entry visa,and we are here in egypt right now,but suddenly i change my mind and i wanna take my daughter back to saudi and she is 1and 5mos now,we suppose to go back on last sept 21 but suddenly we cant get inside because they are asking for my daugter visa,now my Question is how can i take visa for her and what processing i need to do,i hope u answer me,thanks

Me and my wife have different iqamas /kafeels.. We have a baby 3 weeks old under my name... Im planning to travel on final exit and have been issued final exit visa... Can I travel alone on final exit and leave the baby in Saudi with the mother although the baby is under my name?