Unpaid loan and credit card in termination

Hi everyone
Please response soon that my company terminated but I have unpaid loans and credit card.Company given assignment letter to the bank that in case of termination esb transfer to the bank and inform to the bank before leaving kingdom.even esb is not sufficient to the loan.please guide me frnds Wht do in this case company will pay my loan in case of termination so I can exist without any problem or else shall I discuss with bank.

In this situation, your company will pay your ESB to the bank. If some balance left, the bank will expect you to pay it.

Credit card is your own liability. You have to clear it soon in order not to get blacklisted with SAMA.

thanks for your reply,

bank sanctioned based on company assignment letter.almost i paid half of the loan & iam regular payer too. unfortunately Company terminating their employees  due to economical crisis.how can i manage even i dnt have single penny in my pocket.Please help me in this.


You have a genuine case.

You have always honored your payment commitments with the bank hoping that you will be given ample notice time before your return to your home country is planned.

You need to meet your bank manager and make him speak to your company's HR head.

I am sure either your employer should make the payment or the bank should write off the debt . This is important since you will require clearance certificate when you leave on exit only visa cancellation.

While you are in Saudi, you are your kafeel's responsibility and he must sort out this issue. :dumbom:

That's good thinking @riazcdki.
I highly admire your feeling and wish that the real world would be so kind.

In modern world, there is a way to do that and that's bankruptcy declaration. Court looks at your situation and issues verdict in your favor. In other countries, bank blacklists you, and takes the records to insurance company to get their money. All credit cards and loans are insured, by the way, and banks literally have nothing to lose.

thnks for reply.

is it okay to go out with out any problem from kingdom.my service benefits also goes to bank and bank will claim  rest of the money from insurance.Please let me  know.

sagarchayath wrote:

my service benefits also goes to bank and bank will claim rest of the money from insurance.

:) This is just for your information. Don't mention it to your employer or bank.
Ask your company to get the final exit visa. The only condition that has to be met is: there must not be any car in your name.

Your employer may object on your final exit. They are answerable to bank.

By the way, say you go but come back to Saudi Arabia in future, the bank will approach you for their payments. You'll stay in their defaulter list.

This is a very helpful and informative piece. What happens when someone has a loan balance, exited in Saudi Arabia and came back with a new visa, new passport number and new iqama number? I left Saudi Arabia in 2012 with a loan balance which I had no time to settle. It's not that much but I would want to pay it to clear my side.

Since every bank transaction is now linked to iqama, the bank will detect if someone has a current loan with other banks and so forth. I did make another loan with another bank and even renewed it last year but my previous loan wasn't noticed.

However, I still don't feel comfortable about the loan I had left in 2012 (though it was less than 1k.

Get registered with SIMAH and request a credit report. If it's all clear, you don't need to worry about your 1K loan balance.


Oh that's nice. Thank you so much! Have a good day🙂

No your company will not pay loan not even you. Bank will keep all your settlement amount what company transfered into your account in case if company sent letter to the bank. No one can stop you going out from the country. So relax. All bank loans and credit cards are insured.

Thanks a lot for everyone response.my company saying same that settlement will transfer to bank and they inform same I am been terminated.even said I can pay in installment from home country but we can't go to any gcc.I have faith in God nothing will happen in airport.I will update to everyone once I entered inside airport without any problem.

ANY UPDATE ON YOUR SITUATION SIR... i also have the same situtation, i was terminated and about to go exit this coming 16 january.. i have pending criditcard under sabb on my recent empleyer which i exited last 2014.. i came to new company and now i am thinking if i will be hold at the airport with my old dues.. please anybody can send thier experience if you have same with me.. thanks a lot

Hi jepro.
First of all thanks to God.
In my scenario.nothing happen in immigration everything was smooth.Safely reached home.I thnk until unless bank wouldnt file case on you u can go out without any trouble.if case updated in absheer then prblm begins.better leave ksa as soon as Ur company made terminated

good thing happen to you.. me i am in trouble.. still my car under my name... about credit card i dont worry...


I am Leaving the KSA due to Company Financial Issue, but i am Having credit Cards and STC Landline under my Name, please any one can inform me that Exit Visa isn't issued until we pay the whole debts under our Iqamma. I have check in Absher Generalization Report i am clear from there.

Please anyone advice me, since our company stop paying us from last 6 months and the credit card collectors keeps calling from where i am having the cards.


Most of what have been mentioned in the comments above and in other similar threads is coming out of some people's speculations and imagination, it's completely non sense and doesn't reflect the truth. Being jailed, prisoned and all these kind of things won't happen to you even if you actually have failed to pay you credit card dues, otherwise you would find jails full of people who were default on their credit card payments. Having said that, I would like to debunk some myths that have been circulating for a while:

1- You surly can leave the country if you have unpaid credit card or loan, these issues are not by any way linked to your exit-re-entry or final leave visa.
2- You will not be jailed for dues you have to your credit card.
3- In case you fail to pay the dues  whether you are in the country or have left, you will be blacklisted by SAMA, this means that you will not be able to get any credit cards or loans from Saudi banks in future.
4- Credit cards and loans are insured, the banks convey any damages to insurance companies, why would a bank sue you if there are other entities compensating for the damages (this last sentence is my own speculation).
5- The idea of credit cards and bank loans including their terms and conditions are taken from the western world, in all these countries including USA and Europe, your credit history in one country won't affect your credit history in another country.

You can google the web for legit financial websites including banks and read the facts to check the credibility of the points I highlighted above.

To those promoting jail, imprisonment and punishments, will you please highlight your source of information!

Hi, what happened to you? I'm in the same position

Hi, I found your passage quite informative. I had unpaid credit card bills upon my exit in Saudi Arabia last year October. I have just found another position in Saudi and I am so fearful of taking the position, entering Saudi and then being imprisoned upon my arrival in Saudi. Would this be the case?


I want to inform that I also have credit card due amount of 1k riyals. Is it really true that I won't be hold in immigration even if I have pending payments in credit card?  I will be leaving soon from Saudi since my contract is already terminated. Please advise. Thank you. 🙂

This is What i Heard that if you get the Final Exit Visa successfully then no one stop you in immigration. the whole matter is about the final exit visa once you get it you are good to go... Good Luck.

good pm to all, can i asked a help for.my inquiries regarding the.unsettled credit cards, im goinh for.vacation next week, but.i received a.sms from the ncb bacnk as they transfer my file.to start judicial.proceedings,im paying my minimum dues but.sometimes it was overdue, i went.to bank but they dont.know about it, they just gave me the hotline numbers, then when i called, they told.me,even im paying i will be still.blacklisted for the CC .My primary concerns is ....that if I might.be hold to the.immigration because of this matter?thank   you!

Thank you for the information . I believe that you are correct.  Please check my recent post and tell me what you think in my condition.

Hi i was jailed in saudi arabia last year January 2016, i was jailed for almost 4 months, the court already given me a deportation order, i lost my job, temporary they realese me in the power of kafala, unfortunately im not allowed to work. What will happen to my unpaid credit card?

@Sheran142 - That was the most sensible and credible information I have read so far

I'm in search of real information please guide me. I was working in saudi 2 years before. I was having some loan of credit card on my head nearly about 15k I haven't paid and left the country. Couldn't paid later. Now
I'm planning to go for Umrah with my husband will there be a problem for me while entering into the kingdom? I have new passport and I'll go on Umrah visa I'm so depressed please guide me. Thanks

Hello Kabby welcome to the forum,

Answer to your question first, you will have no problem going to umrah and returning safely  with your outstanding loan.

Main point to understand now, whatever amount you owe to an individual or an organisation is moral , legal and islamic obligation and duty, I suggest you take advise of an ALIM of your sect of islam to confirm if you umrah will be accepted by Allah under these circumstances.

Umrah is a "nafil ibada' and repayment of loan is 'Faradh' and Faraidh come before nawafil. :sosad:

Great day to all.. i am new in this forum and just like other ppol here i share same sentiments im an expat from ksa last 2016 and I left some unpaid loan and credit card debts too.. it wasnt my intention to not pay it i just have to leave work due to unwanted circumstance happened in my family.. and i have no means to pay it yet since im currently unemployed and lately i have been receiving some messages from a certain person telling that i must settle my debts or else they will file a case against me and even have me travel banned. I am worried since even my family is receiving some messages too. Hope someone could help me on what to do. Its bothering and currently im applying a work in canda would it affect my application?  Thankyou

Hello I need you help guys and give me some advice. I exited KSA last July and I had remaining balance that unpaid credit card from NCB. I thought that its okay to settle the payment when I go back to KSA but when I read some forums theres a problem to go back to KSA if theres unpaid loans or credit card, Im afraid what would be happened if I return back. So now I want to settle unpaid cc which is 5500 sr. what should I do? Hope you will help me guys so that my name would be clear.

Start paying your dues when you get there.worry not the immigration in other words you can come back in saudi arabia anytime. worry not your CC normally bank register a complaint in police department for recovery loan for high amount ( they will also contact your country of origin for recovery) but not for small amount.

i concur

at conniesky were in the same situation,please update me if you still in ksa?
do you think it will not link to our new iqama or will not detect tlhrough our finger print?

Dear all,
Will you pls give me a information that if someone failed to made continiously 06 installment of credit card then what sort of action bank will take & when they generally filed a case against of due Sar. 5000???

Hello, is there anybody ??

hi honeyglaze. my husband have the same problem with yours. he got a loan way back 2012 but someone is sending us messages in the philippines telling us to settle this loan or else we will face legal matters. we even dont know what agency they came from and they just want us to call the numbers they gave us. please update me also about your situation so we will know what to do. thank you in advance.

rucksack.frenzy wrote:

Beware. This could be a scam too!

yeah thats what im thinking

I am inclined to believe the content of this article that no one will be imprisoned due to unpaid credit card bills and that credit cards are insured so Banks don't lose anything for non-payment of credit cards.but some comments say otherwise.i think some more clarifications regarding this matter are welcome.thanks.

hi guys, we have same situation now and there is an agency debt collector is chasing my husband and threatening him that they will forward the case to the police and they will travel ban him? how true is this ? Does police will have the power to ban a person due to unpaid debts? beside the collector is from uae , our debts is in SABB saudi and we are in another gcc country?

hi Sheran,
Thank you for the information,in our case, the debt collector is threatening us that they will forward the case to the police and my husband will be banned to travel??